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Are you in the audio field? If so, Soul Tech Marketing helps provide great options for musicians to record professional-sounding albums.

Soul Tech Marketing provides music technology.

Audio Speaker with Music production Software
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Soul Tech Marketing can help you get the equipment you need for great quality recordings. According to their website,, “Soul Tech Marketing provides expert independent sales representation for leading-edge audio and music technology products in the North-East U.S. and Canada.”

Eric Klein, owner of Soul Tech Marketing, is an independent sales representative for various manufacturers, with most of his clients residing overseas but also working with clients here in the United States. Klein does work for musicians who may need equipment for music and doing sound or recording broadcasts.

Klein works from his home office in Montclair, where he moved about 10 years ago after living lived in New York City. “[Montclair] is a great area,” said Klein. “There are a lot of people active here in the arts, composing music and performing and recording out here. It’s just a very big community.”

Although Klein sells through stores and does not always have a chance to interact with his customers, he will occasionally advise musicians on products for recording and things to make sure they get the best quality equipment for what they are trying to accomplish. “I like to deal with customers as much as possible,” said Klein, “but so much is produced through computers now.”

Klein sells products used by musicians to create their own albums and recordings, making sure they are professional-sounding and can give his clients the best recordings possible. Klein himself has experience with his products, as he is a  composer and also plays guitar. He has a home studio where use products himself. “[This job] has helped me meet a lot of interesting people,” said Klein.

Soul Tech Marketing can be reached by phone at 973-746-0072, by fax at 973-53-8436 or by email at


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