St. James Coat Drive + Le Salbuen

Support St. James Church Coat Drive Drop Off from Nov. 7 - Dec. 7 and receive 10% from either Le Willow Boutique or LeSalbuen Cafe Market.

St. James Church
Photo courtesy of LeSalbuen Cafe Market

Support the St. James Church Coat Drive with your generosity!

Interested in act of kindness? Support the St. James Church Coat Drive beginning November 7 to December 7, 2015. Rather than throwing those coats that no longer fit or aren’t to your liking anymore, give it someone who could appreciate it! So take the time to search through your closet because your spare coats can provide vital warmth for someone in need. Begin raising awareness by spreading the news of this event by word of mouth. Everyone deserves to have at least one warm coat and that can be achieve by starting with you! The act of helping others can stimulate a sense of well-being. Knowing that you sacrificed something such as time, in order to assist others in need can give you a sense of purpose in life or inner satisfaction.

The holidays are right around the corner so it’s always good to give back to those who truly need the assistance.  No good deed goes unpunished. The participating companies listed below are rewarding those willing to donate a coat with a 10% discount.

Le Willow Boutique is located on 83 N. Willow Street. They can be best contacted at (973) 707-2514. Their hours of operation are Tuesday-Friday from 11AM-6PM and Saturday from 10:30AM-5:30PM. They offer apparel for women, men, children, as well as home goods, dog accessories & gifts. Le Salbuen Cafe Market is located on 97 Walnut Street. They can be best contacted at (201) 622-8453. Their hours of operation are Monday – Saturday from 9AM-3PM and Tuesday – Saturday from 5:30PM-9PM. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The comfy European-inspired eatery serves locally sourced, health-conscious dishes for meat-eaters, vegans, and everyone in between. Says Christina Salierno, co-owner of both businesses: “John [Salierno, Christina’s husband and business partner] and I try to help out where we can. St. James is such a loving and caring church [that] really goes out of their way for their parish. Having the two shops gives us an access to really reach out to people and we have a lot of caring families that will hopefully contribute to this drive. I hope we can all come together and help one another.”

St. James Church is located on 581 Valley Road. They can best be contacted at (973) 744-0270. Their hours of operations are Monday-Friday from 8AM-5PM.

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