Stamna Greek Taverna on Broad Street

Stamna Greek Taverna in Bloomfield has made a name for itself in the area for serving high quality Greek dishes with great service.

Stamna brings a little piece of Greece to New Jersey.

Photo courtesy of Joseph Michalitsianos .

When it comes to Greek cuisine, I am a hard judge. Growing up with a Greek side of the family has taught me of a standard in traditional Greek food, and that bar has never lowered. Stamna Greek Taverna on Broad St. understands how to make delicious Greek meals in a restaurant that exudes pride for Greek culture.

The restaurant itself is a testament to how well Greek food can be done outside of Greece. The restaurant is decorated with artisanal pottery and crafts that give the feeling of small town Greece. There is a wonderful use of whites and blues in the color scheme that is reminiscent of the idyllic city of Santorini. The decorators did a good job of making the customer feel as though they are in Greece, even for an evening, sampling a little taste of the iconic Mediterranean cuisine. The atmosphere is one of joy and the restaurant does a good job of making any customer feel comfortable and curious about what the kitchen holds.

Stamna‘s kitchen has a commitment to consistency. As somebody that has frequented the gyro joint, I have never been displeased with a meal. Moreover, I’ve never been especially more pleased with one meal than another. They’re all made with the same quality and care that choosing a meal on the menu becomes easy and exciting. That being said, there are definitely some favorites I have on the menu. The lamb gyro platter is extraordinarily satisfying, as strips of warm lamb meat are served with pieces of soft, chewy pita bread and a salad. The lemon potatoes are one of the best sides around, and it is rare to see a busy table in Stamna without them on there.

But what really sets Stamna apart from its competitors is the service. “During my time at Stamna, I rarely saw any customer displeased or impatient,” said former employee, Sander Baker. “There is a mood within the staff that everyone needs to be served with care and compassion. Leaving people waiting and wanting simply is not something they could let themselves do.”

Upon being served at Stamna, this becomes very clear. The hosts are pleasant and welcoming, and do their best to make sure that you’re set up with a table that fits how you want to spend your meal. There is an outside area for those wishing to dine outside in nice weather, and there are plenty of different size tables inside the establishment.

The waiters and waitresses are hard-working and comprehensive, understanding that time is of the essence to many customers and respecting that facet of their work greatly. As said before, the chefs are overwhelmingly consistent with their execution of dishes, which makes going back to Stamna more and more enjoyable.

To experience Stamna for yourself, head to 1045 Broad St. in Bloomfield, N.J. Stamna is open from 11 a.m. to midnight each day, and parking can be found conveniently in a lot behind the restaurant.

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