Swim Across America

Michael Kerr will be forever indebted to any support to the Swim Across America fundraiser as every dollar and encouragement counts.

Let’s make a splash and Swim Across America with Michael Kerr!

swim across america
Photo courtesy of Michael Kerr.

In a recent article, Michael Kerr: Swimming Through Life, we learned that Michael Kerr values the greater area of Montclair and intends to impact the youth through swimming as it has been his passion for as long as he can remember.

Swim Across America raises funds by hosting benefit swims for cancer research partners who are developing new cures and treatments to defeat cancer. The money benefits hospitals such as John Hopkins and Sloan Kettering that do research into cancer prevention and treatment. This fundraiser is set up as a team of 6 individuals all working to raise $10,000 each for a total of $60,000 that will go directly to SAA. Michael Kerr was invited to join this group by a high school friend of his is quite familiar with Kerr’s passion about health and swimming.

“We all know someone living with cancer. Personally, I lost a family member in 2015 to cancer and I have another battling it now. On top of that I have a good friend fighting his own battle as well. Luckily, these people never fight alone and all have tremendous support systems in place. Everyday, friends and family I know that have are surviving and have known that have succumbed come to mind and motivate me while I swim and while I fund-raise,” said Kerr.

On Sept. 4, Kerr will be traveling with his fundraising team, Team Manatee, to England to swim the English Channel. The team is suppose to swim one hour at a time with a guide boat in a relay style swim across the English Channel. Depending on weather and tides, the swimmers will make their crossing over a 12-hour period at some point between Sept. 5 and 15.

“Completing the fundraiser for me will personally be a very special experience,” said Kerr. “It will be the largest fundraiser I’ve accomplished to date, it will also be the longest distance I’ve swam in, what many consider to be, the Mt. Everest of open water swims. It will be an important stepping stone for me in my own personal endeavor to eventually swim the English Channel as a solo swim. Emotionally, I know that playing a part in raising funds for hospitals doing important work will feel exceptionally special. It can be so challenging to feel like anything you do makes a difference when it comes to such a daunting Goliath. Just to feel that I’ve, in some small way, helped nudge the ball further towards our goal is a very rewarding accomplishment.”
People can get involved through donating to Kerr’s fund-raiser at bit.ly/mikeswims. If someone wants to get more involved by participating in a fundraiser swim, they can check out Swim Across America online and take a look at the calendar of upcoming benefit swims.

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