Montclair Historical Society

Find out all the Montclair Historical Society has to offer – educational programs, tours and volunteering included as they share 50 years.

Montclair Historical Society

Take advantage of Montclair Historical Society this summer! Montclair houses inimitable homes and buildings from the past. Most have not been abandoned, becoming once-upon-a-time telltales, but actually maintained and utilized, creating that special charm that whiffs around town. Many of these old buildings owe their survival to the Montclair Historical Society, which dedicates themselves to […]

Montclair Community Farms Coalition

The Montclair Community Farms Coalition provides organic food to locals and educational opportunities about agriculture.

Montclair Community Farms Coalition: growing strong. Montclair is a town known for its environmental practices and community engagement. With various parks dispersed throughout the town, like Edgemont Memorial Park and Eagle Rock Reservation, electric charging stations in commercial parking lots and organizations promoting environmental action and awareness, there is plenty for residents and visitors alike […]