‘Astor & Grey’ is Set to Open

'Astor & Grey,' a new interactive experience for Montclair, has finalized their production dates for the end of February and beginning of March.

‘Astor & Grey’ is Set to Open

Astor & Grey finalizes production dates. Astor & Grey, a new, interactive journey coming to Montclair, is set to officially open on Feb. 19 and run until Feb. 22. It will run for a second time from Feb. 26 to March 1. On the days of the show, it will run at the following times and […]

Greg Spinelli Hosts Trend’s Homefront

Mostly slower folk and blues-type numbers were brought out to an uncharacteristically less-packed house.

Greg Spinelli is inviting. Surprisingly, many of the songs played that night were folk or blues-based and to a house that was not as full as it usually is. But, at Trend, it does not matter if there are many open seats or no open seats, because it is all about enjoying the equal company […]

Family Fun at Trend

Some seasoned and soon-to-be seasoned performers bring equally talented family members to a packed event at Trend.

The inner family at Trend comes out. No warnings of storm or rain kept any frequent Trend Coffee and Tea regular or newcomer from coming to enjoy the usual mixed bag of open mic sets, which were cut down to a two-piece limit, as opposed to the usual three-piece limit, due to the nearly-full house. […]

Country Tunes at Trend

Country covers and country-tinged tunes light up the night at Trend Coffee and Tea.

Country Tunes at Trend

Trend has officially gone country. Trend on Wednesday nights has indeed gone a bit country – fittingly so, as the town of Montclair itself has some elements to make up a true down-home and easygoing feel with its share of cottage- style houses, locally farmed foods and many quiet parks. The young woman who normally […]