Terra Graphics: Exterior Design

Visit Terra Graphics in Montclair for displays of stunning exterior design by President and Owner, Frank Contey.

Designs by Terra Graphics.

terra graphics
Photo courtesy of Terra Graphics.

Terra Graphics has served Northern and Central Jersey for over 20 years. Creating stunning displays of exterior design all over Montclair and beyond, this design-and-build firm has grown an extensive repertoire that exemplifies its capabilities. From garden design to stone installation, Terra Graphics is a one stop shop for home remodeling.

The company assists clients from the very early stages of their home projects to the final phases of their integration. The firm’s history with Montclair has only strengthened its vision within the community, shown in the fact that Terra Graphics is 100 percent referral based.

In addition to its full-service installation services, Terra Graphics has recently expanded its business to include a division of horticultural care. Terra clients now have access to a range of grounds management services to assist in the maintenance of their home’s exterior, making living in town a little sweeter. Fountains, ponds and pools are popular additions for anyone’s outdoor living space.

President and owner of Terra Graphics, Frank Contey, brings his knowledge and passion for the Montclair area to all of his projects. “I’ve lived in Montclair and I love the traditional style neighborhood. Our specialty is staying true to the classic formation of older homes. Old world craftsmanship, quality assurance and dedication to our clients’ tastes and themes are our staples,” stated Contey. With an understanding of the extremely personal connection Montclair residents feel for their home, the Terra Graphics designers work to create an outdoor environment unique to each customer.

“Every client’s needs and tastes are different so we have an extremely well suited team to bring all of those elements together to truly serve the community,” said Contey. Careful consideration towards each design makes each Terra project one that fits comfortably with its surroundings and holds true to the symmetry of the house. Interested clients can view all phases of Terra projects on their official website, www.terragraphicsnj.com.

“The biggest reward is our client’s satisfaction. When they trust us to take them from the initial concept to the final product and they love what they see, that’s the most rewarding. Expansion is not our number one priority. The long term relationships we have with our clients are what’s important to us,” stated Contey.

If you would like to learn more about Terra Graphics design and build services, contact them at 973-744-7300, terragraphicsnj@gmail.com or visit at 120 Walnut St. The company also has a Facebook page for seasonal updates.

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