That Little Black Dress

That Little Black Dress has countless summer fashion treasures, from beach bags to body chains, making it the perfect one-shop-stop for summer fashion!

That Little Black Dress warms up fashion.

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That Little Black Dress lends a helping hand with summer fashions perfect for the hot weather, right here in Montclair,

Recently stopping by into That Little Black Dress, found on Glenridge Avenue, I was overwhelmed by the amount of cute accessories they had and everything you would ever need for summer was packed into one tiny store. From jewelry, to shoes, hats, handbags and clothes, they had it all. It’s a one-stop shop!

Whether you’re going on vacation, to the beach or grabbing lunch outside with your friends, summer essentials are important. They’re the pieces you can wear with everything and wear anytime, which is super easy when packing and super easy when accessorizing an outfit.

One thing I was totally obsessing over was their sunhats and fedoras. Sunhats and fedoras are perfect for summer to catch some shade under the hot sun or even to accessorize an outfit for a day out shopping. They had the cutest hats decorated with sunflowers; they were all so versatile and definitely a staple piece everyone must have in their closet.

Another accessory that drew my attention was their body chains. Body chains are so in right now and just a step up from the ordinary staple necklace. So easily worn under dresses or tops, they give a peek-a-boo effect that is so effortless, yet chic and different. The more amped up body chains with colored gems, which I fell in love with, can be worn over a basic black dress, making an entire outfit more bold and daring.

I love the effect body chains give; they’re so easy and fun to accessorize with. Body chains are also being seen frequently over bathing suits or under your cover up to hang around the pool. They are so versatile, and owning a basic chain can help you wear it with basically anything.

Having a cute beach bag is always a must and definitely an essential. Whether you’re heading to the beach or pool, a beach bag is always needed. You always need something to throw your towel, lotions, magazines and sunglasses in. At That Little Black Dress, they have the nicest beach bags perfect for summer. So many different styles and prints make carrying a beach bag much more fun.

Lastly, it’s always essential to have the perfect go-to shorts. They have so many shorts to choose from; it’s always so hard to pick which ones you want to buy. It’s always important to look for ones you’re going to get the most use out of. Whether ripped or just classic denim, denim shorts are so necessary. After you find the perfect denim shorts, definitely check out the many printed ones they have. You can never have too many shorts!

That Little Black Dress is a perfect stop for a beach getaway or just everyday wear. From clothing to shoes you can find it all. Check out their store at 179 Glenridge Avenue in Montclair and you will absolutely find something for your summer wardrobe. Also, follow their Instagram for their latest additions and discounts at @shopthatlbd. Summer essentials are so important and they all can be found at these tiny little shop!

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