‘The Grand Parade’

Get ready with Peak Performances' ‘The Grand Parade’ coming to the Alexander Kasser Theater from Feb. 4-7!

Double Edge Theatre is bringing ‘The Grand Parade (of the 20th Century)’ to the stage.

the grand parade
Photo by Maria Baranova, courtesy of Peak Performances.

Since the world premiere back in 2013 on the Arena Stage in Washington D.C., The Grand Parade (of the 20th Century) has received an abundance of raving reviews and commercial success. The show began as a workshop production and quickly started touring internationally. Starting Feb. 4 through 7, Peak Performances will be collaborating with Double Edge Theatre to bring the show to the Alexander Kasser Theater right here in Montclair. This will be a show unlike any other!

Founded in 1982, Double Edge Theatre has delivered countless original works to international stages for over 30 successful years. Today, Double Edge is location on a dairy farm in Ashfield, Mass.. The idea behind the Farm is to create the idea of “living culture.” With this comes an environment of history, learning and performance. The initiative behind this is a sense of community and how art and entertainment are both fundamental parts of life. Ensemble members are housed at the Farm, where they are provide with key essentials like performance and rehearsal spaces.

The Grand Parade (of the 20th Century) was inspired by Marc Chagall’s idea of the world being one’s own kaleidoscope. Audience members will watch as major events from the 20th Century unfold on the stage. The Grand Parade will be historical and exciting as the talented ensemble will perform music, dance and circus acts, all accompanied by multimedia projections. Events such as landing on the moon, the war, the Civil Rights Movement, the AIDS epidemic and major pop icons will all be revisited. The Grand Parade of the 20th Century is sure to leave the audience with a feeling of catharsis as for only an hour, they will be taken back in time.

“I have to admit that I am especially looking forward to the Grand Parade of the 20th Century, created by a company called the Double Edge Theatre,” said Peak Performances’ Marketing and Media Specialist, Amy Estes in a recent interview.

Don’t miss the event of the century, as The Grand Parade will only be in town for one weekend! The show is running Feb. 4 through 7 at the Alexander Kasser Theater, stationed on the campus of Montclair State University. Visit peakperfs.org for tickets! All seats are $20 and free to MSU students with a school ID. Check out doubleedgetheatre.org for more information on Double Edge Theater and their other performances, as this company is nothing short of unique.

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