‘The Intern’ Review

‘The Intern’ might be a typical rom-com, but Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro’s on-screen chemistry brings the movie to life. Read 'The Intern' review here.

‘The Intern’ has great casting.

Age is just a number, and modern culture seems to be proving that point more and more on a consistent basis. Just ask The Intern, the newest Nancy Meyers film that stands as the best proof of that fact in years. However, ironically enough, that also might just be the only thing holding this comedy together.

The Intern follows Benjamin Whittaker, a 70-year-old widower with nothing left to lose and everything left to gain. This is exactly what entices him to apply to a senior internship at a local Brooklyn internet fashion company titled “About the Fit.” His good organization skills, chivalrous manners and strong sense of will power grabs the attention of company founder Jules Ostin, leading to a position directly under her supervision. Together, the two grow an unlikely bond, helping each other with more than just their paperwork.

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As previously mentioned, this comedy is the brainchild of Nancy Meyers, whose past successes in screenwriting and directing include The Parent Trap (1998), Something’s Gotta Give (2003) and It’s Complicated (2009). With such a great resume, it’s hard to believe that the The Intern has her name attached to it. Not to say that the film is unworthy of her time or the end of a great track record, but rather it’s just missing something. Unfortunately, I’m starting to believe that the reason could be much simpler than I originally intended: I’ve seen this movie so many times before.

The Intern might be playing into the stereotype of a Nancy Meyers film, but there is one aspect that sets it apart from the rest. Amanda Adame, film critic for Cine Premiere and Rotten Tomatoes, said it best: “The chemistry between Hathaway and De Niro feels sincere and is what keeps the story up and going.” The casting is exactly what won me over, as well as everyone else who had the pleasure of seeing it.

DeNiro plays Benjamian with a sense of compassion and heart that sets this role apart from his past work. Additionally, Hathaway steals her scenes, giving Jules Ostin a hard shell to break through, but becomes this mush of sentiment and authenticity upon hitting her core. Put them together, and you have the most memorable part of the two-hour running time. They create something genuine and sincere in their friendship, a rare occurrence in the realm of contemporary rom-com. Hence, the age difference becomes a commodity rather than a troubled relationship, making it all the more real.

In other words, go see The Intern. If this movie teaches us anything, it’s that everything gets better with age (even a Nancy Meyers movie). The Intern is playing locally in and around Montclair! Some theaters include AMC Essex Green 9 in West Orange, Allwood Cinemas in Clifton, and even Bow Tie Bellevue Cinema 4 directly in Montclair! For a list of even more theaters and show times, go to fandango.com!

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