The Michael Aymar Foundation awards $14,800 to three Middle School Students in 2022.

The Michael Aymar Foundation awarded $14,800 to three students this year, furthering the non-profit’s ongoing commitment to Essex County education.  

The Michael Aymar Foundation (“MAF”) is a 501 ©(3) charitable organization founded to honor Michael Aymar, a former English teacher who taught middle school students in New Jersey Catholic schools for over 22 years. This year’s NASHDO ambassadors attend St. Benedict’s Preparatory School, Newark and St. Thomas the Apostle, Bloomfield. 

The NASHDO scholarship is named after Aymar’s memorable grammar mnemonic, “Not All Sentences Have Direct Object.” The MAF embodies the sentiment that “Not All Students Have Decent Options,” and chooses ambassadors for the scholarship based on a desire to aspire rather than previous performance.  

“We measure the impact of Mr. Aymar’s teachings, heart and love for education, by the hope that our scholarship provides for a child and their family as they deal with hardship,” said  Lauren Mazzari, a MAF Board member and Educational Consultant. 

The NASHDO scholarships are awarded to middle school students, fifth to eighth grade, enrolled in Catholic schools whose families face hardship due to illness, death or a job loss. COVID continues to be the backdrop of financial strain for many families.

“This year we are thrilled to partner with St. Benedict’s Preparatory School in Newark and be the blessing that a mom was praying for so her daughter Skye could attend fifth grade. She becomes our 14th Ambassador“ said Mia Aymar-Smith, MAF Fundraising Chair and Co-Founder. 

The MAF awarded two students at St. Thomas the Apostle in Bloomfield with NASHDO scholarships this year.

“We became the solution for a family who had tried tirelessly to get her son to enter the school. Emmanuele was awarded the NASHDO Scholarship and started fifth grade this year.  He becomes our 13th Ambassador,” said Aymar Smith. 

“We also awarded a scholarship to Mark so he could finish his final year at the school and embrace all the opportunities that await him after he graduates St. Thomas in 2023.  He becomes our 15th Ambassador.” 

Since it launched in April 2016, The Michael Aymar Foundation has awarded a total of 

$72,300 in NASHDO Scholarships to 15 middle school students from:
Lacordaire Academy, Montclair
Our Lady of the Lake, Verona
Aquinas Academy, Livingston 
St. Thomas the Apostle, Bloomfield
St. Benedict’s Preparatory School, Newark

They have completed over 50 FREE “Life Skills Workshops” including “STEM in Place” virtual workshops, an initiative of past students of Mr. Aymar at Lacordaire Academy in Montclair.    They also continue Mr. Aymar’s involvement with the North Jersey Junior Forensics League as volunteers at the same school. 

“What we have accomplished since inception goes above and beyond our expectations and I’m grateful for my fellow Board members,” said Peter Aymar, MAF Vice President and Founding Member, “Our collective effort gives us all a sense of purpose which allows us to continue my father’s lifelong work in the classroom and honor his legacy. I firmly believe he was a man ahead of his time in the way he looked at education.”
We invite you to share this with those you know who value a commitment to education.  Please visit their website and consider contributing to this worthy cause during your year end giving.

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