The Michael Aymar Foundation Kicks Off the Season of Giving by Awarding Deserving Students!

The following is a press release issued by the Michael Aymar Foundation. The Montclair Dispatch congratulates the winners!

The Sande Family alongside members of The Michael Aymar Foundation Board // Photo Courtesy of The Aymar Foundation

A deserving family, and a strong partnership with Our Lady of the Lake School in Verona, has delivered three new Ambassadors for The Michael Aymar Foundation. 

The Michael Aymar Foundation is a 501(c) (3) Charitable Organization, founded in April 2016, that honors Mr. Michael Aymar, a former English teacher who taught at Catholic Schools across New Jersey for over 22 years. Their mission is to provide resources for middle school students in two ways. Firstly, providing the NASHDO Scholarship as emergency tuition support to a family affected by illness, death or a job loss for middle school children enrolled in Catholic schools. Secondly, offering FREE Life Skills Workshops for middle school students at libraries and in partnership with other charitable organizations. 

The Sande Family and Ben Ronquillo (Far Right) // Photo Courtesy of The Aymar Foundation

“Our Lady of the Lake School is honored and blessed to partner with The Michael Aymar Foundation and receive the 2019 NASHDO Scholarship to benefit the Sande family. This scholarship means so much to our school and the Sande Family. We are overwhelmed with gratitude, and believe that the health challenges faced by the family paved the way for the Sande family to be part of The Michael Aymar Foundation’s story,” says Ben Ronquillo Principal of Our Lady of the Lake.

The Sande Family and Peter Aymar (Far Right) // Photo Courtesy of The Aymar Foundation

Mr. Aymar believed that children are “God’s best thing” and that Catholic education provides the best environment for learning. The newest ambassadors, Zuberi, Zahra, and Zuri Sande fit this belief and are true role models for Catholic education in their thoughts, actions, words, and spirit. Zuberi, Zahra, and Zuri not only work hard academically, they are an integral part of campus life. They participate in student leadership, forensics, musicals, and service projects. Mr. and Mrs. Sande are also active in our school, assisting with the Home School Association and sharing their gifts of time, talent, and treasure. Thanks to the Michael Aymar Foundation’s mission to help support families in the pursuit of Catholic education, Our Lady of the Lake is able to continue Mr. Aymar’s legacy of inspiring learners.

“We are beyond proud to have already helped 8 students with our NASHDO Scholarships since our inception in 2016. For a young organization like ours, to have funded a total of $37,500 in less than four years, is nothing more than a miracle made possible by the generosity of our donors. We are 
infinitely grateful to all of them” says Mia Aymar – Founding Board Member and Fundraising Chair.

The Scholarship Winners alongside Ben Ronquillo (Far Left) // Photo Courtesy of The Aymar Foundation

“The Michael Aymar Foundation congratulates Zuberi, Zahra, and Zuri as this year’s NASHDO scholarship recipients and we welcome them into the MAF Family. We look forward to developing our relationship with Our Lady of the Lake, an academic institution that not only aligns with our mission but also holds a special place in our hearts” says Peter Aymar, the foundation’s Vice President.

“Michael lived his life sharing his gifts: his passion for language, family, faith and education with his students. We are following on his steps with the support of our volunteers and dedicated Board Members. The workshops reflect his true spirit and through them, we have impacted hundreds of students”, says Amanda Aymar, the founder, and President.

During this season of giving, we are encouraged by the generosity of our donors. We are grateful to be in partnership with educators and schools that fuel our deep desire to create unique resources for middle school students. We welcome those who want to learn more about our work, visit our website and consider our foundation a worthy cause during your year-end giving. 


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