The Noble East: Coming Soon

If you’re craving high quality American Chinese cuisine, keep a lookout for The Noble East opening some time in the spring!

The Noble East will be the newest American Chinese restaurant to Montclair.

the noble east
Photo courtesy of KellyMarie Braun.

The Noble East, an American Chinese restaurant, will be opening this spring at Alvin Place in Upper Montclair. With no set opening date, Montclair residents are anxious to learn more information about what The Noble East will have to offer.

David Hsiung, owner and founder of The Noble East, has owned and operated dozens of other restaurants located throughout New York and New Jersey. The Hsiung family currently owns Hunan Taste, a lavish high quality American Chinese restaurant in Denville. Hsiung has been living in Montclair now for over two years and has always intended to create a restaurant in the area that offers food that “will be thoughtfully crafted and carefully procured with a chorus of menu selections that are familiar, adventurous and reminiscent.”

The Noble East’s menu will incorporate foods similar to that of Hunan Taste’s. At Hunan Taste, you can indulge yourself in simple courses such as chicken with broccoli and white rice, or go overboard with one of the House Specialties such as their “Grand Marnier Shrimp,” crispy jumbo shrimp sautéed with fresh fruit in a sweet golden Grand Marnier sauce with cashew nuts.

Hunan Taste was founded by the Hsiung family in June of 1986. The restaurant is remembered for its high quality food, ornate decorations both inside and outside of the building and the American Chinese experience that you get when eating there. Hunan Taste has also been awarded “Best Chinese food” nine years in a row by Reader’s Choice magazine. Located on Bloomfield Avenue in Denville, Hunan Taste’s location allows them to lure in customers and keep them coming back for more. Just like Hunan Taste, The Noble East has a great location off Valley Road in Montclair in hopes to accomplish the success that Hunan Taste does.

“I love Hunan Taste because the food is amazing. [It is] hands down the best Chinese food I’ve ever had,” said Denville resident Nick Marek. “[My family] always go[es] to Hunan Taste for my birthday and it’s like it gets better and better, which I didn’t even know was possible! I’m really looking forward to The Noble East opening because Montclair is such a fun and hip town to hang out in, I can’t imagine it not being successful.”

If you are interested in learning more about The Noble East, visit If you want to try the cuisine and can’t wait until opening day, visit the Hunan Taste location at 67 Bloomfield Ave. in Denville or visit for menu selections.

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