TLC Exceeded Expectations for Fans

En Vogue and TLC showed the town of Montclair a good night!

Photo courtesy of Makeda Marshall.
Photo courtesy of Makeda Marshall.
Photo courtesy of Makeda Marshall.

There wasn’t much of a wait outside for the fabulous ladies of En Voue and TLC to perform, which was great because it was a bit chilly outside. Once we arrived at Montclair’s greatest venue, the Wellmont Theater, we were able to pick up our tickets and walk right in. There was was a great turn out for TLC and En vogue. There were tons of fan art within the crowd for TLC.

The Wellmont Theater is truly a great venue as it had great space ce for a small concert such as En Vogue and TLC. They had chairs set up on both sides closer to the stage and the middle part left for standing room. I can only assume the chairs were in anticipation of an older crowd which I did see on either side.

It’s very convenient that there were multiple bars that cut the wait time in half so I was able to grab a drink and get back to the stage in a timely manner.

The opening act was En Vogue, a trio that performed some of their hits and some well known covers. As they performed “Giving Him Something He Can Feel,” the crowd went crazy, singing along and giving the crowd more excitement than before.

The closing act was the major headliners, TLCThey performed some songs that were chart toppers like “Scrubs” and “Unpretty.” As you observe the performers, one could instantaneously tell  they enjoy performing as they sang amazingly. The dance breaks were also great that even the DJ and dancers exuded joy. 

My favorite part of the show was when TLC performed “Unpretty,” as they put a lot of energy into the performance.

The trip to montclair was super convenient. Once you arrive in the area, you could just follow the signs for parking. Since parking costs $20, it’s important to bring cash! 

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