Traveling Fashion Tips

Traveling with the warm weather? Save room in your suitcase by packing these few essential items. Overpacking is something that no one should do!

Traveling? No need to pack your entire room!

There are numerous traveling questions to consider. What should I wear to the concert? What should I take? I began to think about some pieces I had in my closet that I could possibly put together rather than spending the one afternoon I had left at the mall. This was great. There’s no need to spend extra money.

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Women sometimes think we have everything under control, but there is always that one day (or several) where you think you are going to be able to put together a cute outfit out of your closet, until you try it on and it doesn’t fit right at all! You don’t feel it. You don’t love it. It makes you feel terrible, and to make matters worse it would happen on a day where you have very little time left. We can be very complicated.

In this moment, the mall becomes your best friend, your savior. But what to pick from so many items? If you are one of those who get an overflow of anxiety through your body, you might probably want to take everything you can plus your entire room. But you don’t have to. You don’t want to be the one traveling with too many bags on a short weekend.

I know it’s hard, especially if you are never sure what to wear. One moment you think you’re ready, and then you suddenly feel like changing your outfit from head to toe when you were just out the door. This is me, and if this is you too, I’m going to tell you what I learned from this weekend’s getaway experience when it comes to picking traveling clothes.

When you don’t have time and you need to dress up, there are some great pieces of clothing that you can wear with just about anything. You want to look for shirts you can wear in various forms, so you can take the least items as possible and have space for other important items in your luggage. There are some pieces that can be dressed up or down with pants, jeans or tights, and this will save you some time. It will make you feel comfortable too.  Here are some pieces you might want to look for during last minute resorts.

One of these is a knitted sweater. Knitted sweaters can be worn with jeans or dressy pants, if you buy the right ones. You can play with colors and choose one that pops if you’re not sure where the day will take you. They can also be worn with flats, boots, sneakers and heels, and that’s why they are great. Pairing these with heels will make you look very chic, or sneakers will make for a very comfortable walk on the boardwalk or around the town.


A white cotton top is also a great piece to take while traveling. Cotton tops, whether button-up or not, is a piece that can also be combined in many forms with many colors; some jeans or slacks will do just fine. One extra piece you can combine the cotton top with is a cardigan, and it can be dressed up with heels or down with flats, as well.

If you want to take something dressier in case you and your friends head out somewhere fancy, you can take a dressy blouse. This is another piece that can be worn in many forms.

At this point, ladies, you already have a combination of about four to five outfits with these pieces, depending on the form you decide to rock in. Remember that jeans are always a must-have in your traveling luggage, as well as some black dark tights. A pair of heels and flats should be packed as well, and you’ll be set, ready and fabulous.

Don’t forget jewelry, which you’ll have extra space for! If you want great pieces and don’t know where to start, try checking out swapXXchange, a great thrift boutique located on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair. SwapXXchange has the perfect pieces for all of your getaways this spring and summer!

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