Trinidad School of Nursing Fundraiser

MHS Alumni, Zoe Foglizzo and Maddy Firkser, organize a fundraising concert for the Trinidad School of Nursing on Sat., June 11.

Support the Trinidad School of Nursing as they organize a fundraising concert!

Photo courtesy of Zoe Foglizzo.

Join Montclair High School alumni Zoe Foglizzo and Maddy Firkser as they organize a fundraising concert to benefit the Trinidad School of Nursing. The alumni were part of the graduating class of 2015. Foglizzo, 18, is currently attending Tufts University and Firkser, 19, is currently attending Bard College.

The Trinidad School of Nursing was founded by Marianna Marques after working in Honduras during the summer of 2015. Their objective to is to be able to provide a unique and affordable opportunity for residents of Trinidad to pursue a career in health care. They aim to promote a sustainable health care system as they also team up with several students who work independently with TSN and through the student-led organization BUILD: Latin America. The advisory board of Tufts faculty and staff, including experts in public health, economic development and ethical international work are also a valuable contributor to this project.

The event will be held on Sat., June 11 at 57 Undercliff Rd. in Montclair, N.J. from 2 – 5 p.m. There will be refreshments served along with the many musical appearances. Expect performances by Birsa Chatterjee, a MHS graduate in 2015, Passing Notes, MHS’s accapella group comprised of MHS students of all ages, Ella McDonald, a current MHS student and the band Fourth Wanderers, comprised of former MHS students: Noah Schiffrin, Ben Guterl, Duke Green, Zach Lorelli and Ava Trilling.

“Growing up in Montclair taught us the importance of community, acceptance and taking action to help others. Mia Ellis and I are Montclair High School 2014 and 2015 alumni, and although we are now at Tufts University, these values stick with us, as it does in other Montclair community members,” said Zoe Foglizzo.

If you’re interested in helping with grant writing, fundraising, networking or research, feel free to reach out. If you would like to join the team, please contact Donations of any amount are welcome as every dollar helps. Purchasing tickets for the event online are sold on Eventbrite. For more information about the project, visit

“We are thrilled and grateful to have TMD be our official media sponsor. They have been a huge help in getting the word out, which is crucial to the fundraiser and nursing school’s success.” said Maddy Firkser.

The Montclair Dispatch is proud to be the “Official Media Sponsor” for the Trinidad School of Nursing.

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