Slambovia and Twangtown: Come on Down

The Grand Slambovians and their openers Twangtown Paramours to perform at Outpost in the Burbs Friday, Nov. 1.

Slambovia and Twangtown offer something crazy.

Want a little more crazy adventure after Halloween? The best place to be that night would be at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Montclair; in it will be performing Tennessee duo MaryBeth Zamer and Mike T. Lewis who make up the Twangtown Paramours, and the Grand Slambovians of Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. If anyone plans on attending this but is not too familiar with their respective sounds, just remember that everyone will be in for a treat even better than candy because they are each quite quirky and inventive with their sounds in their own talented ways.

The best description for Twangtown Paramours‘ sound is strong undertones and influences of old-time country/folk, a la Loretta Lynn and some Townes Van Zandt , and they are also known for taking serious life events such as breakups/divorce and incorporated with humor. Two prime examples of that are in the songs “What I Miss About Us” and “I Love to Watch You Walk Away.” Some other songs include “Walk Like a Duck” and, on a more serious note, “Will You Turn to Me.”

Zac Brown Band Perform Live Onstage
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The Grand Slambovians  do share a similar sound to the Twangtown Paramours, except they take even more musical risks and draw more influences. From Pink Floyd to Americana to folk rock, sometimes all blended together, they have built their career from scratch and, over time, generated a cult following of devoted fans and press alike. Some songs include “Windmills,” which evokes intensely strong Pink Floyd influences, “Picture” and “The Invisible.”

One fun fact is that the Grand Slambovians performed at an Outpost event three years ago, when they were known as Gandalf Murphy and the Slambovian Circus of Dreams. During that performance, an interview was given with Joziah Longo (vocals, guitar, harmonica), and he was asked about where “Slambovia” is. He answered with, “It’s a place in our minds.”

While it is strongly encouraged to have fun at these shows, it is also strongly encouraged to give back to the community to help the less fortunate. At this show, as well as the Lauren Fox show on Nov. 15, Outpost will be collecting non-perishable food items to take to a local food drive to feed those who cannot easily access food.

For more information regarding ticket prices and where they can be purchased, please visit the Outpost website.

Be sure to let the imaginations run wild that night, because these acts encourage and live that concept to the fullest!

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