Union Congregational Church

The Church of Christ, or the Union Congregational Church, mixes different demographics to offer traditional religious techniques for many people.

Union Congregational Church offers traditional worship.

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The Union Congregational Church that resides on Cooper Avenue is open to worship on Sundays, but the happy days don’t stop there. Throughout the week, the church hosts various studies, activities, meetings, assemblies and rehearsals.

If you’re interested in expanding your religion beyond the given day of worship, look no further than the church’s calendar of events and get involved at mychurchevents.com.

The Union Congregational Church is home to the Protestant reformers, the Congregationalists among the first to settle in America. Because of its location in a diverse community, the church mixes various traditions for different demographics.

The Union Congregational Church celebrates those who want to make a life together, acknowledges those who are born, remembers those who are deceased and celebrates those growing everyday. The church offers baptisms, childcare, communion, devotionals, sermons, weddings, funerals and memorials.

Weekly worship is committed on Sunday and begins at 8:15 a.m. with communion at the chapel. Following at 10 a.m. in the Sanctuary, you can listen to the harmony of vocalists and instrumentalists of the Sanctuary Choir. Communion is served every first Sunday of the month and the details of worship vary by week.

The Union Congregational Church thrives because of its believers. They believe everyone can give and accepts donations, even the smallest amount, to put back into the faith they give back. If you choose to donate, the church wants its donors to remember that you are getting back what you give and much more; your own happiness stems from the joy you have shared with others.

The Union Congregational Church is currently looking for a centerpiece for the Centennial Garden located on the church grounds at 176 Cooper Avenue in Montclair. The garden acts as an outdoor space where friends and family can come to honor loved ones who have passed. The church is looking for a sculpture design that would respect the viewers and evoke peaceful emotions while those pay homage. Completed work is to be available by August 31. For submission guidelines and additional information, visit the church’s website and download further details.

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