United States News: This Week

From pop culture to politics, the Dispatch rounds up this weeks most significant (and much less significant) topics in the United States of America.

A round up of United States’ events big and small.

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A lot went on this week in the United States leading up to this Saturday, July 4, Independence Day. Some of the big events that occurred in the past seven days are relative to freedom and independence, such as marriage equality, while others, like the horrid prank that traumatized Paris Hilton, are just a pop fix should you need one. Here’s a glimpse of what went on in the USA on all fronts. Enjoy.

1. Marriage Equality

FRIDAY, JUNE 26. Marriage Equality was the trending hashtag across all social media platforms and not only a country wide, but worldwide phenomenon as it is a jump in the progressive direction for human rights. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) penned their ruling in favor of marriage equality after a 5-4 ruling. Another trending hashtag celebrating and in reaction to the historic justice was #LoveWins. President of the United States Baraack Obama on the decision: “It is a consequence of the countless small acts of courage of millions of people across decades who stood up, who came out […] and slowly made an entire country realize that love is love.” Obama concluded his speech in saying, “America should be very proud.”

2. Chris Christie announces candidacy

TUESDAY, JUNE 30. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced his candidacy to run in the 2016 presidential election. Christie took to his hometown of Livingston N.J. to give his official word at Livingston High School, where he was once class president. The Governor’s campaign slogan is Tell It Like It Is. Christie is the 14th republican nomination in the running.

3. Paris Hilton is in a prank plane crash

MONDAY, JUNE 29. Paris Hilton was pranked while flying over Dubai and it was many screams and tears short of an innocent joke. Host of Egyptian TV show Ramez in Control arranged a prank plane crash and had everyone in on the gag except for Hilton. In the YouTube video, you see the famous blonde fearing for her life and it is hardly funny rather awfully disheartening. As the plane landed, Hilton was informed it was all a hoax, but the starlet allegedly has a big lawsuit on deck for emotional distress. Hilton’s career requires her to fly multiple times per week, making the traumatic event very disruptive to her lifestyle.

5. The United States advances in the World Cup after semifinal scare 

TUESDAY, JUNE 30. Julie Johnston, arguably the United States Women’s National Team‘s (USWNT) MVP, nearly caused her team the game when she fouled Germany’s Celia Sasic. A long 59 minutes into the game, Johnston’s misplay led to a penalty kick for Sasic, the number one goal scorer in the league. U.S. goalkeeper Hope Solo blocked the shot, an enormous feat as Germany has never missed a penalty kick before this incident.

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