Vacation Spots for the Summer

You don't have to travel for a summer vacation! Here are some nearby vacation spots easily accessible by Montclair's public transportation.

Vacations that are close to home.

Crowded beach in Dziwnowek, one of the most visited summer spots
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With the summer coming to a close and August right around the corner, many people are sad that all the warm air and relaxing is over. Fortunate for Montclair residents, though, there is always the great possibility to travel as much as you can before it all ends. Thankfully, there are plenty of public transportation options around town, including trains and buses, ready to take you to a new and exciting vacation spot.

Using these resources, I will list some great vacation spots that you should definitely invest the time in going to, especially if it’s with the family – or just you and your significant other. I will also mention some easy directions and public transportation routes you should take.

First up, always a favorite for everyone that lives on this coast is to visit the Big Apple. With the city being so close (you can probably see it from any hill top in Montclair), it will definitely be a short and inexpensive vacation. Some of the best ways to get there is either to take your closest train in Montclair to New York Penn Station, or to grab a bus to the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Some places to definitely see when you get there are to go to the Wall Street area and check out the new World Trade Center buildings. One World Trade Center and the memorials are not only just tall steel and glass towers, but works of art and architecture. The many memorials and buildings surrounding them are beautiful as well.

Another great spot for vacation is right down the street from the towers. The Sea Port is a great spot to visit and is very alive with food trucks and great restaurants, a perfect place to bring the family for a quick bite to eat.

Another great suggestion for those who want to take a day down the shore for vacation is going to Seaside boardwalk. To get there by public transportation you will have to take the bus and the train, but it’s not costly and is pretty straight forward and definitely worth it if you don’t have a car this summer. First, you would get on the train at Watchung Avenue and go to Port Authority in New York City. Next, there is a bus that will take you straight to Seaside Heights.

Once you get there, it’s not that hard to find what you want to do next. With great rides and games everywhere as far as the eye can see, the excitement is overwhelming. Not only that but the smell of great food will drive your taste buds nuts and mouth watering. Seaside boardwalk was also hit hard multiple times during the past few years. First, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the boardwalk, which was then torn apart a second time due to a large fire. Seaside is still being rebuilt to this day, so supporting a great shore town even just by visiting the arcades and enjoying the rides is always a help to areas that thrive on tourist attractions.

Definitely check these places out before the summer ends, and spend some quality time with those kids before they go back to school. Be safe and remember to have fun!

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