Villa Victoria Decides to Help 24 Families

Villa Victoria decides to provide an abundance of hearty meals to Montclair families during this holiday season of Christmas.

Villa Victoria will award 24 deserving families with free dinner on Dec. 24.

villa victoria
Photo by Emma Gallof for The Montclair Dispatch.

As many of us know, Christmas is a time for love. It’s a time to spend with those you care so dearly about as their simple presence lights up the room. Not only will one reminiscence on the past year so far, but create a bundle of unforgettable memories to come during that Christmas day. Most of us are privileged enough to sit down at a large table with family and friends and indulge in many delicious trays of food. Did you ever stop to think about the families and friends that aren’t?

Thanks to Villa Victoria on 11 South Park St., they’re making a change. The well-known restaurant will be donating 24 large trays of dinners to families in the town most of us call home, Montclair. They will be distributed by P.O. Garth Guthrie, Community Officer of the Montclair Police Department.

“It’s important for me to acknowledge the people that can’t afford to eat on this holiday season,” said Villa Victoria owner Floyd Montiel. “We’ve been here for 20 years and it’s important to support the community that has supported us.”

“It’s amazing that we have business owners like Floyd that are willing and able to help our community,” said P.O. Garth Guthrie.  P.O. Guthrie will be distributing the meals to families in South Montclair.

Villa Victoria is a family owned and operated pizzeria. They offer specialty pastas, seafood and entrees in addition to specialty pizzas, salads, appetizers and sandwiches. They can be best contacted at 973-746-4426. They can also deliver to Montclair, Glen Ridge, Verona, Cedar Grove, Bloomfield and parts of West Orange.

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