Women’s Wellness at Frost Valley YMCA

Frost Valley YMCA is set to host its annual women's weekend that evokes relaxation of spirit, mind, body as well as connections with old and new friends.

Frost Valley hosts annual Women’s Wellness Weekend.

Photo courtesy of Frost Valley YMCA.

What can possibly  be better than a weekend specifically designed for women? Frost Valley YMCA has created three days of connection, relaxation and wellness from March 31 through April 2. The beautiful Catskills Mountains area will truly make this annual event an offer that women cannot pass up.

Attendees can expect activities such as Zumba, dance classes, nature hikes and other invigorating classes, or yoga, aromatherapy and meditation. One will be able to explore one’s creativity side with pottery, vision boards or group drumming. Instructors and teachers will also be available to discuss stress management, organic skin care, financial health, all in a safe and supportive environment.

“We are very excited to host our annual Women’s Wellness Weekend,” said Carmel Dorn, who works in Frost Valley’s Group and Family Retreats department. “We have seen numerous women attend this weekend and transform their lives. They know that a visit to Frost Valley is truly a chance to get away from it all. After just three days of wellness, they leave relaxed and refreshed.”

During this all-inclusive weekend, meals will be provided, and as always, Frost Valley offers a variety of delicious options to accommodate nutritional needs and restrictions of nearly every sort. A variety of lodging is available, from hotel-style lakefront accommodations, to rustic cabins, to lodges for multiple groups.

“A ongoing focus on health promotion programs is important for all demographics in order to address their specific needs,” said Priscilla Bright, Lead Facilitator, with an MA in Public Health, Health Behavior and Health Promotion. “This Women’s Wellness Weekend honors the unique needs and stresses of women which arise from the strong caregiving roles women routinely hold in their families and jobs.  Women especially need support in ‘pausing’ and ‘receiving’ as a balance to their primary modes of ‘multitasking’ and ‘giving outward.’ This program provides them diverse options for physical and emotional well being, and also meets their need for social connection (a primary need for women).  Put less clinically, in a relaxed informal environment they get to rest, play, create, reflect, have fun and be in community, and they leave happier, recharged in body, mind and spirit.”

If you’re interested in joining the event, contact Frost Valley soon, as spaces will fill up quickly. You can find more information at frostvalley.org or by calling 845-985-2291, ext.450. 

Photo courtesy of Frost Valley YMCA.

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