Woodhouse Day Spa: Relax Here

Experience the tranquil environment at the Woodhouse Day Spa, located on 56 South Park St. in Montclair.

Woodhouse Day Spa offers many services to benefit your body .

woodhouse day spa
Photo courtesy of KellyMarie Braun.

The Woodhouse Day Spa, located at 56 South Park St., is a luxury day spa that offers therapeutic massage therapy such as hot stone and hand massages, facials, all body skin care, waxing, body wraps, nail services and more.

The Woodhouse Day Spa allows anyone to indulge themselves in the tranquil aromatic scents and music that their spa has. If you choose your service to be skin care, waxing, sleep treatments, massage therapy, body treatments, foot treatments or hand treatments, you will be promised the experience of a lifetime.

The Woodhouse Day Spa also has a Vichy shower, which is a different way of taking the normal standing up shower. In a Vichy shower, you are laying down on a table and are usually receiving a body treatment.

At The Woodhouse Day Spa, you can choose from all sorts of services that you feel would be most beneficial to gaining your positive energy. The spa offers skin care, waxing, sleep treatments, massage therapy, body treatments, foot treatments or hand treatments. All services are available and encouraged in order to maintain tranquility, the skin and body’s health as well as the youthful appearance.

If you’re interested in coming into the spa, or even bringing a friend along with you, Woodhouse Day Spa offers gift cards! Gift cards can be purchases on their website and can be any amount that you want. Not only is The Woodhouse Day Spa a perfect gift to yourself and others, but the 3,700 square feet spa is the perfect place for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, ladies’ or men’s night out or any outing or gathering.

“I’ve never been to a luxury spa before but I’ve heard nothing but good things about The Woodhouse Day Spa,” said Montclair resident, Grace Lenwar. “All my girlfriends have been there and told me how excellent the service is and how friendly the staff is, so maybe one of these days I’ll have to stop in!”

One of the guest reviews on The Woodhouse Day Spa website states: “Awesome experience. My husband and I have been to spas all around the world, and this is the best! Excellent service, relaxing environment – Wouldn’t ask for more. We will definitely be back!”

If you are interested in receiving a service at Woodhouse Day Spa, purchasing a gift card for a loved one or planning an outgoing for a celebration of any sort, you can visit The Woodhouse Day Spa at their website montclair.woodhousespas.com, reach them by phone number at 973-509-8488 or visit them directly at their location at 56 South Park St. right around the corner from Starbucks and Jimmy Johns.

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