World Cup Winners of 2015: USA

The Women's National Team of U.S. won the 2015 FIFA World Cup against Japan as they scored 5-2. The game displayed an immense amount of passion and effort.

USA Takes Women’s World Cup!

Women soccer game
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USA, USA, USA!” was the repetitive banter at all the local bars and soccer fans’ homes this past Sunday when the United States Women’s Soccer Team beat Japan for the World Cup in an amazing victory. This was hands down an amazing game to watch and even better because the US won for the first time since 1999. This game came at a perfect time, being right after our Fourth of July holiday. To top off our patriotic spirit, our ladies gained a victory against Japan in the final match!

Completely dominating the game, the US scored three goals within the first 15 minutes of the game and won by a long shot, 5-2. Some would say that it was an easy win but in actuality the game was full of contact and questionable hits from both sides. Not only was the game filled with exciting moments all the way up to the end but it was also a record breaker and historical as well, with the US becoming the first country to win three women’s world cups and Lloyd being the first American to win the golden ball since Carin in 1991.

One of the women of the hour is none other than Hope Solo. United States goalie helped defend the title for championship in this final victory. Two-time olympic gold medalist Solo played as goalie for the United States women’s soccer team. Solo also played for the 2011 Olympics as goalie for a large part of it. She was the goalkeeper in the game between USA and Japan in the 2011 World Cup. That match was a defeat for the United States which made this final match for the 2015 World Cup a highly anticipated one for both Solo and the United States team.

To view this amazing game I went nowhere other than favorite sports bar, The Office, located on Bloomfield Avenue. This place is a great spot to watch any kind of game with big flat screens located all throughout the restaurant and especially around the bar. With their great selection of game day foods it will make any viewing experience worthwhile. When walking down the streets of Montclair, all you hear is chatter from the towns folk of how epic that final game was. It was an anticipated game where we came out victorious! Our red, white and blue will never fade.

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