YZDA Creates Clarity and Calm

YZDA founder, International Interior Designer Satomi Yoshida-Katz, works in harmony with her client and respectfully designs tranquil and timeless habitats.

YZDA designs serene spaces and peaceful places.

Photo courtesy of YZDA.

YZDA is about more than design. It’s about appreciating the things around us and bringing that peace and purpose into our homes. YZDA creates what founder Yoshida-Katz calls “a reflection of lifestyle” by collaborating closely with clients.

“Interiors that bring beauty, harmony and comfort and purpose to our daily lives are most important to me,” she said.

Yoshida-Katz seamlessly weaves her clients’ wishes in with her own design experience. Through her passion for design, YZDA has blossomed into a business that brings peace to its customers.

Yoshida-Katz has worked on projects as far as Australia and Japan and as close as New Jersey and New York. She has one goal throughout her travels: to provide her clients with the best service possible while respecting their vision, schedule and budget. She is dedicated to producing more sustainable buildings and environments.


“My philosophy is to create beautiful, timeless interior and exterior spaces that meet my clients’ economic, aesthetic and functional goals without obvious references to trends,” said Yoshida-Katz.

YZDA offer interior design services like concept development, millwork designs and many more. YZDA specializes in color consultation and kitchen and bath design. Yoshida-Katz also offers her skill set to clients with larger or more commercial design needs, like loft buildings, lake and beach homes and vacation properties. No matter how large the project, Yoshida-Katz focuses on the unique touches that makes the project individualized.

YZDA is currently focusing primarily on high end and custom residential design projects in New York and New Jersey. Yoshida-Katz is also working on a residential design project in Michigan as well as a hospitality design project in Fukuoka, Japan. Her work has been featured worldwide.

“I am grateful to be a part of this process. I am passionate about design and meet every day’s challenges with a refreshing perspective,” said Yoshida-Katz.

Yoshida-Katz received her bachelor’s degree in interior design from Iowa State University. She belongs to several organizations including the American Society of Interior Designers, the International Design Association and the U.S. Green Building Council. Follow YZDA on Pinterest at www.pinterest.com/yzda/. Contact Yashida-Katz at 973-744-1064 or email satomi@yzdesignatrium.com. You can also visit the website’s contact form at yzdesignatrium.com/contact/.

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