Aches and Pains? Give Montclair Backrub, Massage, and Bodywork a Try!

Feeling stressed? Well, more stressed than usual? A tranquil massage could be just the trick to get rid of those pesky and painful knots and leave you rejuvenated.

MBMB Pricing Information // Photo Courtesy of Lila Taylor
MBMB Pricing Information // Photo Courtesy of Lila Taylor

As the stress of summer camp packing, vacation planning, and holiday barbecue hosting heats up, you might be in need of a little rest and relaxation. Well, Montclair Backrub, Massage, and Bodywork (MBMB) might just be the place for you. Conveniently located at 25 Watchung Plaza (located inside Slow Burn Personal Training), MBMB could be the in-town, therapeutic, getaway perfectly suited for summer. With fair pricing, a beautiful, clean, and peaceful interior, and a positive staff, your stress will simply melt away.

I was fortunate to be able to have a one-hour table massage at MBMB, and it did not disappoint. As I am not an avid massage client, I was not completely sure what to expect. But the world-class masseuse was extremely courteous and could not have been nicer or more understanding of my hesitations. The masseuse caters to your particular ailments, whether they are physical or stress-related, and adjusts accordingly. Using pleasant aromatherapy, and the Reiki massage technique, your time at MBMB will be nothing short of relaxing and will guarantee to give you a moment of zen within a stressful day. 

Montclair Backrub, Massage, and Bodywork // Photo Courtesy of Lila Taylor
Montclair Backrub, Massage, and Bodywork // Photo Courtesy of Lila Taylor

I would highly recommend a session at Montclair Backrub, Massage, and Bodywork, or giving an MBMB session as a gift!  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, creating a professional yet comfortable atmosphere for their clients.

MBMB is open Saturday to Thursday, from 11 AM to 10 PM at 25 Watchung Plaza, and Fridays are dedicated to on location appointments.  If you are interested, all massage sessions must be made by appointment at these numbers:  (973) 655-8960 or 973-851-8187. And if you are in a rush, appointments made at short notice can often be accommodated. 


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