Adventure Rooms: Can You Escape?

Adventure Rooms is a great stimulator for ages 14 and up as it tests your ability to think and strategize to escape an enclosed room before time runs out.

Test your brain by accepting the challenge of Adventure Rooms!

Adventure Rooms is a challenging and interactive game that calls for team building skills. The use of intuitive knowledge and reasoning will increase one’s chances of escaping faster. By bringing numerous teammates, it creates a diverse skill set that could potentially ameliorate the situation.

Adventure Rooms
Photo courtesy of Erica Manansala.

As my friends and I approached the venue, we didn’t know what to expect! The anticipation of knowing that we would all be locked in a room for an hour was definitely keeping us on our toes.When you first walk in, you will receive a friendly welcome and imperative information to keep in mind before beginning the exhilarating experience. I strongly recommend keeping the rules in mind as it could take away from your thinking once the adrenaline starts kicking in. We decided to take our journey to the Swiss Original quest. My group consisted of eight people of  distinct ages, nationalities and majors at different colleges.

When the employee asked us if we were ready and we all responded yes – hesitatingly – he immediately wished us luck and locked the door. We all looked quite puzzled and realized the clock displayed t-minus 60 minutes. We all scattered among ourselves in the small room filled with locks and chains.

I think it was truly impressive how well my friends and I worked as a team. It portrayed our individual strengths and weaknesses. We were able to assist one another in a calm matter. The worst case scenario would have been getting frustrated at one another and working in utter chaos.

Each room encompassed three unique and different challenges to overcome, which became more difficult as you surpass each room. Every statement that one of us came up with was never dismissed nor thought to be ludicrous. At this point, anything could be vital to solving this puzzle. The fact that we could think differently as well as work together based on a slight assumption to then form another suggestion was the ultimate success. I highly suggest focusing on every thing in the room because it does hold some significance. It’s a step closer to freedom. The objects in each room – such as a camera scope, 3D glasses and color coordinated stickers – trigger something in your brain that leads you down the path of answers.

As a resident of Belleville, I was very surprised to hear that Montclair locals had no idea that this place existed! I honestly applaud Adventure Rooms for creating an intricate place of fun filled obstacles. My friends and I are planning to go back and venture onto the other quests. It is great for outside educational excursions, family and friend outings or a unique date night.

Adventure Rooms is located at 119 Grove Street. The entrance and parking lot can be found on Walnut Street. A reservation is required before embarking on your fun adventure. Please call 973-746-0050, book online at or email: The events are designed for adults of various ages. Young adults that are 14 years of age and older can participate in the adventure as long as the individual is accompanied by a supervising adult. The mysterious rooms are set for 2-12 people. The prices depend on the group size and event selection, but typically range between $27-$35 per person.Grab a pen and paper and start planning your visit to Adventure Rooms soon! It is certainly an unforgettable experience that you’ll be talking about for a long time to come.

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