Ah’ Pizz and How to Have Great Pizza

Local restaurant Ah’ Pizz has popularized Neapolitan style pizzas in Montclair using fresh ingredients and a friendly atmosphere.

Great pizza selections from Ah’ Pizz.

ah' pizz
Photo courtesy of Joseph Michalitsianos.

Pizza is a touchy subject for those that live in New Jersey. Everybody has their favorite place to grab a slice, relax and eat the food that no one does better than New Jersey. Within every town in the state, streets are dotted with Italian-American businesses, all hoping to get hungry citizens within their doors and munching on their dough.

For Montclair residents, the plethora of these restaurants can seem like a blessing and a curse. Ah’ Pizz has only been around for six years, but that’s all the time it has needed to make a big impact in the restaurant community of Montclair.

Located on 7 North Willow St. in Montclair, the pizzeria provides formal and relaxed environment that differs to the town’s other pizzerias that have more of a “grab and go” policy.  Since its opening, Ah’ Pizz has attracted the attention of Montclair pizza-lovers with its fresh artisan style take on the beloved dish.

One of the attractive qualities to Ah’ Pizz is its pride in the ingredients used. Many pizza places are proud of the slice, but not proud of how the slice is made. Ah’ Pizz is a proud believer in fresh, tasty ingredients, and that belief is shared by the employees of the restaurant.

“We get about 55-65 people in here each night, and many of them are returning customers,” said Jean Perez, an employee at Ah’ Pizz. “There are plenty of places to get pizza in Montclair, but the way we do pizza is unlike anyone else.” Perez showed some of the favorite items on the menu, such as the Pesto pizza, a Neapolitan pie that is smothered in a delicious pesto, topped with fresh mozzarella di bufala and smoky crumbled sausage. Perez said that while there are favorites, “every dish we serve is made with the same passion and care.”

That passion and care has paid dividends when it comes to the recognition and success that Ah’ Pizz deserves. In 2014, Ah’ Pizz won the Readers’ Choice Award for Best Pizza in Montclair, no easy feat considering the volume and quality of the competition. Ah’ Pizz also won Suburban Essex Magazine’s Best Pizza in Essex, further cementing the idea that Ah’ Pizz is anything but a hole-in-the-wall pizza spot that just does things a bit differently. Ah’ Pizz is a heavyweight in the ring of Montclair’s pizzerias, and it has been around a fraction of the time they have.

If you want to enjoy the artisan style pizza that Ah’ Pizz is quickly becoming so well-known for, the restaurant encourages you to call ahead and make a reservation for your dinner at 973-783-9200.

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