Amanti Vino: Local and Affordable Artisanal Wine

Reward your palate with the fine taste of artisanal wine, beer and spirits for sale in your own backyard with Montclair's Amanti Vino.

Amanti Vino’s wine experts will find just the taste you are looking for.

amanti vino
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Schieder.

Nothing beats the selection of affordably priced wine, beer and spirits at Amanti Vino. With over 200 bottles under $20 and over 900 wines from all different countries, the boutique is sure to have a flavor that will satisfy every palette. Proprietor Sharon Sevrens opened Amanti Vinoteca in 2005 and since then, it has received a surplus of media attention.

Why all the hype? Amanti Vino is not your typical spirits store. Here, customers can take classes, participate in wine tastings, attend special events and so much more. Amanti Vino is located right in front of the boutique and offers outdoor seating for customers to sip their wine or beer while enjoying the artisanal cheeses and crackers sold at Amanti Vino.

Shopping at Amanti Vino is simple as wines are organized by type, country, and region. The interior is beautifully designed to please the eye while the product pleases the taste buds. Wine experts consistently roam the floor to help customers find exactly what they are looking for. All have immense knowledge on Amanti Vino’s products as well as those not sold at thee shop. The experts can easily match a wine to a customer’s desired description of taste and texture.

Amanti Vino offers club subscriptions that include fine wines, craft beer and spirits, for those interested in broadening their collection. Members receive background information about their selections, priority registration for special events, discounts and free delivery to local restaurants. Different membership options range from $25-$100 a month, depending on the desired product.

“What’s really great about the club is that they give customers a chance to taste wines they have never tried before,” explained Store Manager, Giovanni Sabree.

Amanti Vino hosts special events throughout the year. The most popular are the wine pairing dinners, where the boutique teams up with local, upscale restaurants for an evening of fine dining and drinks. Tickets are pre-sold for these events to guarantee attendance. The next special event coming up is called “Fried Chicken and Laherte Champagne.” For more information, visit the events calendar.

Interested in expanding your knowledge on wines? Amanti Vino offers classes for everyone from avid wine drinkers to professionals in the restaurant business. Single classes, multi-session master classes, as well as Wine and Spirit education Trust (WSET) are all among the opportunities on the table. More information about upcoming classes at Amanti Vino can be found at

Amanti Vino is located in the center of Montclair’s shopping district at 30 Church St., in Montclair, N.J. As by customer request, parking behind the shop is now free, making shopping convenient. For more information or to shop online, visit or call 973-509-9463. Check out the boutique on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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