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If you're looking to get in shape with a unique, personal touch, head over to Architect Studios today! There's an upcoming special event, the live.DJ.GRIIT.

Get in shape with Architect Studios and live.DJ.GRIIT!

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If you are looking to get in shape this season, it’s time for you to check out Architect Studios, a boutique, high-intensity, group fitness studio. This studio specializes in high-intensity (HIIT “High-Intensity Interval Training”) group classes for people of all ability levels using bodyweight exercises and minimal equipment (dumbbells & Kettlebells).

According to co-owner Doug Eadie, Architect Studios is a boutique on purpose. “Our classes have a 12 person limit because we want to offer personalized attention for our clients from the trainer teaching the class,” said Eadie. “Moreover, our classes are 45 minutes long, so our clients can show up, work hard and get back to their busy lives ASAP, without having to plan or motivate themselves through a great workout. We also offer personal training sessions for clients who are seeking even more personal attention.”

Eadie is a co-owner alongside Adrienne Felder, who are both of the managing member of Architect Studios. The team also has a new instructor Sarah Reppert who just recently began teaching classes with them. In the coming months, they plan to add additional talent to their team.

According to Eadie, the best part about working for Architect Studios is watching clients transform their bodies and mindsets when they start coming regularly.  “When a client gets stronger and improves their conditioning they definitely notice,” said Eadie. “And they tell us. And we love hearing it!  Our goal is to get our clients fitter through high-energy classes with personal attention.  When our clients brag to us about their progress, we know we are accomplishing our goal by helping them achieve theirs.”

Architect Studios decided to set up shop in Montclair due to its great energy throughout the town with events, food, family activities and more. “The location was an easy choice,” said Eadie. “Adrienne has been teaching fitness classes all over North Jersey for over a decade and we knew the people in the Montclair area highly value their health and fitness.  Since we offer a unique service to help people get and stay fit through convenient, high-energy classes, we knew we would fit right in!”

If you want to get a taste of what Architect Studios has to offer, come out to their Fitness Party on Thursday, Aug. 13 at 7 p.m.! According to a press release, “boutique high-energy fitness studio Architect Studios ( will team up with athletic apparel store lululemon athletica, to host a complimentary, 30 minute, bodyweight-only fitness class (for all fitness levels) fueled by the live beats of DJ Anthony Colon. This high-energy workout will be held on Park Street outside the Lululemon store at 520 Bloomfield Ave. and will include special surprises from lululemon, giveaways from other local vendors and a post-workout reception.”

At the event, the live.DJ.GRIIT (GRoup Intense Interval Training) class will be taught by Architect Studios’ co-owner, Adrienne Felder, who is very excited for the event, according to the release: “This is going to be so much fun! Our people, lulu’s people, new people! I can’t wait to be outside, with DJ Anthony and the architect crew, making people sweat and smile to a killer workout!”

The live.DJ.GRIIT class is a 30 minute bodyweight workout for people of all fitness levels, and is free to the public. However, atendees are asked to bring their own mats, though some will be provided.

Be sure to experience what Architect Studios has to offer at their upcoming event, and work with them for some personal fitness attention!

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