Gallery of 2015: ‘Eyes on Me’

Studio042 would like to personally show their gratitude by creating a gallery to portray Montclair as a special place to live, work and have fun.

Gallery of 2015: ‘Eyes on Me’

Studio042’s latest transformation to the¬†gallery truly captures the essence of Montclair. This summer I had the opportunity to curate my second photo gallery at Studio042. My gallery contains various photographs by Scott Kennedy, all containing the subject looking directly at the lens. Compared to my first gallery – which contained images that represented Studio042 and […]

CIP: Trying Out the Real World

Students at Montclair High School step into the real world before they even receive their diploma by participating in the CIP (Career Internship Program).

CIP:  Trying Out the Real World

CIP (Career Internship Program) lets Montclair High School seniors explore career opportunities in their field of interest. Senior students at Montclair High School are given the opportunity to have a different kind of work experience the last four weeks of their high school career. The Career Internship Program (CIP) at Montclair High School lets senior […]