Gallery of 2015: ‘Eyes on Me’

Studio042 would like to personally show their gratitude by creating a gallery to portray Montclair as a special place to live, work and have fun.

Studio042’s latest transformation to the¬†gallery truly captures the essence of Montclair.

eyes on me gallery
Studio042’s 2015 gallery, “Eyes on Me.” Photo courtesy of Erica Manansala.

This summer I had the opportunity to curate my second photo gallery at Studio042. My gallery contains various photographs by Scott Kennedy, all containing the subject looking directly at the lens. Compared to my first gallery – which contained images that represented Studio042 and Kennedy as a photographer – this collection has a more specific look to it with every person looking in the same direction.

As a photographer myself, it is difficult and extremely rewarding to capture an active subject looking right at the camera. Therefore, this gallery was very exciting to create. Luckily, Kennedy has captured many of these rare photos, so it was a pleasure choosing which shots to put together. Each photograph contains a great deal of emotion in contrasting settings. This gallery contains very unique photographs, with one common theme.

My hope is that customers as well as the employees of Studio042 enjoy viewing this gallery and appreciate the skillfulness of the photographer. Also, I am greatly appreciative of all the people who gave me permission to use a photo of them in my collection and would greatly encourage them to come see themselves in the gallery. This collection took a great deal of planning and careful decision making. It is a good feeling having experience doing this type of work, especially because I am studying art and communications in college.

This project was challenging yet extremely rewarding. It is a great feeling to know that people appreciate my collection. I am thankful that I got another opportunity to curate a gallery with a variety of photographs to choose from and hope to create many more in the future. My gallery represents the various intriguing moments when the subject is captured looking at the lens, as well as the magnificent photography by Scott Kennedy.

Be sure to stop by Studio042 on Bloomfield Avenue to experience the gallery yourself!

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