Bar Method Raises The Bar

You should be keeping up with the “new you” from last year’s resolution and in that case, it’s time to raise the bar at the Bar Method.

Bar Method invigorates the body.

For the company, The Bar Method, 2013 was a year to be celebrated. Opening 12 new studios in one year, they total now an impressive 75 throughout the country, 10 of which are in New Jersey, one home to Montclair.

The company started from a dream of the founder and CEO, Burr Leonard, to empower students’ desire for a healthy physique, but also to create a lasting impression, to maintain a new lifestyle and new outlook on their bodies and life choices.

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The Bar Method isn’t an exercise regimen you can accomplish at your own gym. The method reshapes students’ muscles, but on an individual, case-by-case basis. The teachers focus on each person’s specific needs throughout class sessions. Therefore, each person gains new knowledge to take away, specifically targeting his or her own bodies.

The Bar Method makes sense. Every person is different: a different age, a different body type. We use our muscles differently based on our physical and everyday activities, so we shouldn’t all be working out the same. There are stories across the country that proves this method of exercise works, not only transforming the bodies of their students, but also the minds to better themselves.

If you want to resolve the ambition to look better, to feel better and to do better for yourself, The Bar Method would be a great place to start. It takes time and commitment. The company requires its students to be passionate about change, practicing the method for at least three days a week for three months. Stories suggest change that comes within the first couple of classes, but it is up to you for it to work. Go into your class with your mind set on change, for hard work and for commitment, and success will follow. I’m not a workout guru, but if I do know that results do not come to those who think negatively. A positive mind will evoke positive results.

The new client special is $100 for 30 days and as many classes as you would like. Match that price to a gym and then take into consideration the benefits of one-on-one training, targeted only on you, and it’s easy to see which is the better choice. The Montclair studio is located at 493 Bloomfield Avenue, but you can purchase your package online at

2014 should not be about a “New Year, a new you,” but rather the best you that was there all along. For more information, give a call at 973-783-1227.

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