Barbara Eclectic

Stop by your neighborhood boutique, Barbara Eclectic, for affordable and unique women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, handbags and more!

Barbara Eclectic offers great fitting clothing for an even greater value.

Barbara Eclectic is a women’s clothing boutique located at 594 Valley Road in Montclair, N.J. It first opened back in 1975, and is currently owned by Holly Felber and her husband since January 2005.

Barbara Eclectic
Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo.

Prior to getting involved in Barbara Eclectic, owner Holly Felber came from a background in apparel manufacturing and previously worked for the designer, Carolina Herrera. Felber takes pride in the fact that Barbara Eclectic is unlike any other boutique in the area.

“We are very lucky because we are not just catered to one age group. We will have 12-year-old girls who are too small for the clothes that come in and buy jewelry and we have people every age in between up to their 80s. It makes it more interesting to work with people of all ages. I’d like to say that it is more of a point of view than an age group,” said Felber.

Barbara Eclectic offers countless women’s clothing, accessories, jewelry, handbags and shoes. “There are certain designers that I have every single season and then, you know we weed in and out, take a break from a line and bring it back in. I try to have made in the USA as much as possible, but we do have some things that are not made here. You will also find a wide variety of merchandise, and in that we have things that are very casual to things that you can wear for short black tie,” said Felber.

What sets Barbara Eclectic apart from other local boutiques and shops in the area is their individuality. Now a day, everyone seems to be wearing the same things. Trends come and go, but if you go shopping with your friends, chances are you both leave the store with the same top, or argue about who saw it first. “You could have 5 friends come into my store, all go shopping, and all leave looking different, which is important. You are also not going to see any logos here. There’s certain stores you would go into and even though you’re shopping in all different areas, you all come out looking the same,” said Felber.

As for the price range, you can count on Barbara Eclectic for not burning through your wallet. Felber ensures that they have a very broad price range. “You can come in and buy a gift for someone for ten dollars, and we have great little earrings that are 10 and 12 dollars on up. The one thing I want people to know is that we sell very well fitting clothing at a great value,” said Felber.

Barbara Eclectic also participates in multiple different fashion shows and fundraisers. “We always work with Sisters on the Runway, which is a group at Montclair High School that raises money for domestic violence victims, and we work with the Glenridge Girls Club for their spring fashion show that happens every year around April,” Felber explained.

Barbara Eclectic also offers internships and has had almost all of their interns come right from Montclair State University.

To find more about Barbara Eclectic, you can visit their ecommerce website, called, which is a full shopping website. You can also find like them on Facebook at Village Vogue Clothing, and follow them on instagram @villagevogue.

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