Be Evolution Yoga: Come Relax

Be Evolution Yoga Studio provides Montclair with a tranquil environment for strength, calm and relaxation.

Montclair’s Yoga Oasis: Be Evolution Yoga.

Be Evolution Yoga
Photo courtesy of Aleksandra Mufceska.

Be Evolution Yoga is a studio that embodies all the physical and mental benefits that yoga has to offer, and the benefits are huge. The yoga practice is a powerful tool that can transform anyone from the inside out. Within minutes of being on the yoga mat, any stress in the body or mind quickly fades away.

“Yoga helps rejuvenate how you heal,” said Jagadesha Peter Petrovic, Yoga instructor and owner of Be Evolution Yoga.  “When you stretch out the muscles after tensing the muscles you get an improved blood circulation which in turn brings more oxygen and more nutrition to the muscles.”

Through the physical postures known as asanas and pranayama breathing exercises, students are taught how to cultivate strength along with a healthy understanding of flexibility, all while relaxing.

Yoga is unlike any other workout regimen, because it actually builds strength from the inside out.  It’s not only for a good looking physique, but a happy and healthy one.

“Patients who practice yoga seem to do so much better with performance, they improve and heal so much faster this way,” said Dr. John Marinkovic from Marinkovic Chiropractic. “I had a patient a long time ago whose spine looked like she was 100 years old. I thought she was going to end up in a wheelchair, but after yoga her spine looked so much better; she was doing great, I was completely amazing by this.”

The friendly studio atmosphere welcomes people of all ages, whether they are new to yoga or advanced practitioners. “We’ve had so many people come in and heal so many things,” said Petrovic. “People have healed their anxiety issues, asthma, depression, disc issues and we’ve even seen so many people come off of blood pressure medications it’s really amazing, and I recommend it to anyone trying to heal.”

Be Evolution offers a variety of yoga classes on their schedule. It is predominantly full of hot yoga classes ranging from 105 to 108 degrees depending on the time of year. It is a fun yet intensified Bikram style known as the Evolution series. For those who attest to the heat and intensity, there is something for everyone at the studio. In a comfortably warm temperature of 75 to 80 degrees, there are two yin yoga classes on the schedule.

Yin classes typically focus on restoring the body while holding poses longer in order to work deeper into connective tissue.

The studio is equipped with showers and offers towels, a variety of organic beverages and high performance yoga clothing.  It’s a beautifully inviting space located in the Lackawanna Plaza, just off of Bloomfield Avenue.

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