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Be Evolution Yoga is the perfect way to get rid of that pre-holiday stress, and located just around the corner, it offers something for everybody.

Be Evolution Yoga

Every year it seems as though the holidays come sooner, sneaking up on those who are lost in a good work ethic, school or holiday shopping. Those last two weeks are where procrastination cannot exist, multitasking increases speed and lives are risked during treacherous weather. It has become the most
“stress, stressful season of all,” and your mind and body will eventually crash. So, whether you can relate to a college student during finals week or cramming your holiday shopping before you celebrate, we should take a moment for ourselves before the impact of the crash. We see it coming head on, and as pros at procrastination, it is time we put the holiday aside, we close our books and focus on our well-being. Be Evolution Hot Yoga is the place to rediscover who we are sans stress.

Doing a side plank for yoga class
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Losing my capability to hold a conversation past dinner, I realized sleep and coffee could only mend my mental state to an extent. Now suffering from post-studying brain damage, I need to stay focused for the actual exams and presentations. But with information afloat inside a tiny space of the body, I need to regain focus and disperse the surrounding anxiety. My mom suggested meditation. Linking such to yoga and upon searching for a yoga studio close to the university, I found Be Evolution Yoga, located in Lackawanna Plaza in Montclair, N.J.

Driving through the snow could add another element of a downer, but I’ll take a moment to forget such minor troubles and enjoy the ride, which is actually quite beautiful when you allow it to be. Stepping out of the car, I may feel a chill even with a parka, but a thought towards a heated room will soothe the cold. When my focus becomes on a central target, the space around me gets smaller, and I almost get lost in myself. It is time to take off the blinders and enter either two of the rooms that Be Evolution Yoga offers. The Shiva Room, heated to 105-107 degrees or the Shakti Room, heated warm to 78-80 degrees.

Hot yoga, more commonly referred to as Bikram yoga, is 90-minute Be Evolution Yoga program consists of a series of 26 postures. The postures require lengthy, forceful and well-controlled contractions of all major muscle groups. The demanding nature of the poses and the heat are designed to raise your heart rate and tire your muscles. This allows your brain to perform a higher level of concentration than a typical yoga class could offer.

Don’t worry if you have never done yoga before, as I haven’t either. Be Evolution Yoga offers classes for all levels and styles to suit your needs. How lucky to be a student or a senior – there are special rates and packages, but general prices are reasonable as well. A single class is $20 or a five-class pack is $90, and prices go up from there with more classes within the bundle. If you would rather not drive out in the cold just to sign up for a class, you can sign up online and be ready to join in upon arrival. To see all the deals and to sign up, visit

It is time we start appreciating ourselves again, taking time out of this rush of a season to relax. Take your mind out of the holiday, out of the computer, out of the workplace and for once forget all the tasks that seem to keep piling up. Be Evolution Yoga is going to be a sanctuary during winter break. Stop procrastinating because your well-being isn’t going to get better without being a part of the Evolution.

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