Bivio Pizza Napoletana

If you're looking for homemade Neapolitan cuisine, be sure to check out Bivio Pizza Napoletana in Little Falls for a unique experience.

Get a slice of Italy with Bivio.

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On a crossroads (un bivio) just over the hill in Little Falls, N.J., lies a small restaurant with a big punch called Bivio Pizza Napoletana. However, when you walk in, it suddenly feels like you are no longer in Little Falls, but you are in the city of Naples and an extension of your own kitchen and dining room at the same time. The atmosphere shifts to a foreign, yet homelike feeling that only makes you all the more curious to see what they’re all about in their own personal Naples.

They serve a variety of Neopolitan-style brick oven pizzas that make your mouth water as you’re watching them go into the oven for 90 seconds then come out, such as appetizer plates that consist of mixed greens, sweet dried sausage, imported smoked prosciutto, parmigiano reggiano and olives. Their brick oven pies vary from red marinara pies, margherita pies, white bianca pies to porcini mushroom pies.

If they don’t already sound delicious enough already, every ingredient used to make these fine works of art is either imported fresh, or made in house! The fresh mozzarella is made fresh every single day! These pizzas are also not made with any ordinary dough. It is used from an Italian tradition of aged dough that is reused and “fed” with flour (imported from Naples) and watered every day. At Bivio, they call their dough, “the baby.” They tend to their baby and feed it every day to keep it happy and healthy, thus producing happy customers due to the unique flavor that it adds to their pizzas and fresh baked breads.

“It’s a yeast culture that we acquired from a bakery that has been making bread on the island of Ischia, which is in the bay of Naples,” said owner Tomasso Colao. “It has been in our hands for 14 years.”

Tomasso and his wife, Jackie, have been running Bivio on the cross road of Main Street and Paterson Avenue since June 2011. They have been nurturing “the baby” for the past 14 years, but using the dough to please the hungry citizens of the Montclair-Little Falls area for four years, now.

They are natives of Montclair, so naturally they knew that Montclair is a large restaurant town. “The people of Montclair are very into food and wine,” said Colao. “They know how to eat.”

While bringing Naples to New Jersey, the Colao family also manages to maintain a strong feeling of being home while dining in their establishment. The kitchen is wide open for you to see everything that is going on. You watch your pizzas go in and out of their custom made brick oven, and you can see your server preparing every other part of your meal with the
professional excellence of a chef directly from the city. It makes you feel like you are in your own dining room with a plain view of dad cooking the family dinner.

If you are a fan of very fine, homemade Neopolitan cuisine with passion and comfortable, BYOB dining, then Bivio Pizza Napoletana should be your next choice when you want to go out to eat.

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