Bivio Pizza Napoletana

If you're looking for homemade Neapolitan cuisine, be sure to check out Bivio Pizza Napoletana in Little Falls for a unique experience.

Bivio Pizza Napoletana

Get a slice of Italy with Bivio. On a crossroads (un bivio) just over the hill in Little Falls, N.J., lies a small restaurant with a big punch called Bivio Pizza Napoletana. However, when you walk in, it suddenly feels like you are no longer in Little Falls, but you are in the city of […]

Fine Grind: Coffee Addict Survival Retreat

A great start to the week with a fine fix from the Fine Grind. It will definitely have you coming back for more and more.

Fine Grind will have you craving more. If you take your coffee seriously, than the Fine Grind should be the first stop in your day. Keep calm and drink coffee: we should live by this motto every Monday. I decided to venture the outskirts of Montclair to the town of Little Falls, and settled in […]