Fine Grind: Coffee Addict Survival Retreat

A great start to the week with a fine fix from the Fine Grind. It will definitely have you coming back for more and more.

FIne Grind presents one of the many greatest coffee.
Photo courtesy of Scott kennedy.

Fine Grind will have you craving more.

If you take your coffee seriously, than the Fine Grind should be the first stop in your day. Keep calm and drink coffee: we should live by this motto every Monday.

I decided to venture the outskirts of Montclair to the town of Little Falls, and settled in a comfy chair with a cappuccino provided by the Fine Grind. It’s never to “latte,” or early – even lunch could be accompanied by a cup of coffee.

If you can smell the coffee brewing, you’ve made it to the Fine Grind, or can be classified alongside myself as a coffee-a-holic. Take a cup to go, or sit in with friends, family or alone; the shop is welcomingly warm for any visiting company.

To the right you will find couches, tables and comfy chairs, destined for a person on their laptop or a couple to discuss the newest read or latest “tweet.” To the left, there are tables for large groups to mingle or smaller tables for an intimate interaction. Right in the front, glass-cased muffins, cupcakes, coffee cakes and to-go breakfast options surround the counter, which is topped with more edible arrangements.

Along with a friend in need of a fix, we both opted for a seat in the right section of the shop with two other parties of one and were quickly approached with menus. Not your typical menu for a café: this was artistically crafted and easy to maneuver with sections tabbed for hot drinks, cold drinks and food.

Dim lighting brought us to ease as we slouched down into our chairs and read over the abundance of options. The creative coffees named for specific people, the seasonal options, the “blendesso” frozen drinks, the “fro-hos” (frozen hot chocolates) or teas – and that was just the drink options. Then to the meal: muffins, yogurt, granola, omelets, paninis, salads, sandwiches and desserts.

Photo courtesy of Scott Kennedy.
Photo courtesy of Scott Kennedy.

Finally opting for a Fine Grind cappuccino and a sandwich, I relaxed as I took in the décor, including brick walls, artwork, shelves of books that have noticeably been read and a fireplace, inviting us to stay for an alternative to an at-home coffee time. Coming from a Scandinavian background, coffee time is a vital part of the day, and there can never be too much coffee consumed in one sitting. Friendly conversation was interrupted by “cappuccino,” from our kind barista. My eyes grew wide with indulgence as he placed down the hug-in-a-mug, more like bowl-size coffee on our wooden table. I’m always afraid I will finish my cup of coffee before I get my food, but this was not going to be the case.

I opted for the Fine Grind turkey and Brie sandwich with cranberry mayo, but substituted the wrap for a gluten-free roll. The substitution was the best part. The roll was fluffy which generated a positive correlation to the roasted turkey and thick slice of cheese that all marinated together with the cranberry sauce and fresh farm tomatoes. As I enjoyed my sandwich I looked over to find my friend had already consumed half of her ham and Brie wrap.

It was nice to still carry on conversation, sipping our hot drinks even after the meal had finished. Although we were two full Fine Grind customers, we still had time to sit and enjoy the remains of our drinks and the service was relaxed just enough where we did not feel rushed or wanting of our table.

I chose the right candidate to take to the Fine Grind. Living in the area and familiar with the shop, my friend told me about the live music nights. Stay fine tuned on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons with live music and every Sunday go and grab the mic for open mic night for five dollars! This isn’t just a coffee shop during the day; the shop is opened until 10 p.m. on Mondays and Sundays and until midnight on Friday and Saturdays.

To see more of the Fine Grind menu and the full hours of operation, go to their website,

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