Bluemercury: Natural Products

Founded by Marla Beck, Bluemercury has new, all natural beauty products that await you.

It’s time for the annual spring event at Bluemercury!

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Russo.

With spring just around the corner, it is almost time to ditch those dark wintery lipsticks and that pale skin-toned makeup. Luckily, it is crunch time for Bluemercury, located on 30 South Park Street in Montclair, and they’ve got all kinds of spring events in store!

Bluemercury, founded by Marla Beck, is an American chain of luxury beauty and product stores, with around 75 locations. Recently bought out by Macy’s department store, it is expanding quite rapidly. Montclair’s very own Bluemercury opened up back in June 2014.  

According to store manager Amanda Angell,  Montclair’s location is like “your mom and pop shop, but in a more convenient way for people that like upscale, top of the line, makeup and skin care. So, what you can find in a department store, you can find in here but more conveniently.”

Bluemercury offers spa services, as well as massage therapy, brow waxing, brow coloring, facials and microdermabrasion. “It’s like a one stop shop for all of your needs,” said Angell.

As for age group, Angell describes it as “kind of a mixed bag.”  Bluemercury brings in girls that are in high school due to their events with Montclair High, so it starts out from as young as 16 all the way to middle aged and up.

Not only does Bluemercury sell almost any line of makeup you can think of, they offer their own personalized products as well. Recently, the previous owner of the company, Marla Beck, cofounded a line called M61, which is an all-natural line, mostly being vegan and gluten free. “A lot of people have been liking stuff in the way of natural; there [are] no synthetics, no fragrances, so it’s a good, clean, healthy skin care. A lot of people have been trying it out, and it’s been one of the hypes lately, even trending in the store,” Angell explained.

Beck also recently came out with a makeup line called Lune Aster, and it is the same concept as M61, being a clean makeup line that is mostly gluten free and vegan as well.

As for events, Bluemercury prides themselves in being so pro-active and dedicated to their upcoming, seasonal soirées. “It is really big crunch time for our spring events that are coming up, which is what we are best known for,” said Angell.

They have worked with the Montclair High School’s fashion club in the past to put together a fashion show last year. For this event, the girls walking in the show wore clothes from Anthropologie, had their makeup done by Bluemercury and got their hair done by Moxy Hair Studio. They plan to do this again in the upcoming months.

They also had an event this past Saturday, where they teamed up with Sorrelli, the jewelry store, and had professionals in their store from 2 to 5 p.m. giving mini facials and complimentary massages.

“We have our biggest event of all coming up,” said Angell.  “For all the lines we carry here, we will have an event. There will be a Nars event, a Trish Mcevoy event, a Bobbi Brown event and even one for our new product, Lune Aster. What happens is, you can come in and get your makeup done complimentary. We have artists from each of the lines, and they will go over everything with the customer, from skin care all the way down to eyeliner, and they get them through the look. We will usually include a gift with any purchase. It’s a nice way to get your spring look.”

To find out more information on Bluemercury, you can visit their website,, follow them on Instagram and Twitter @bluemercury and come to one of their upcoming events!

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