Bluff City BBQ brings Southern Flare to Montclair

Spicing up Montclair, Bluff City BBQ creates a great dining experience with friendly staff, authentic southern food, creative interior and soulful music.

Bluff City BBQ is the go-to for Memphis style BBQ.

bluff city bbq
Photo courtesy of Margaret Belkhyat.

Bluff City BBQ takes traditional Memphis style cuisine while creating an authentic dining experience. Owner and culinary director Scott Hermo fulfilled his dream on December 2016 after opening the doors to Bluff City BBQ in Montclair.

Hermo initially started his career on Wall Street before uncovering and pursuing his passion for culinary arts. His career in financing allowed Hermo to travel regularly down south. Through his travels, Hermo developed a deep connection and appreciation for Southern culture, initiating his devotion for the restaurant business.

Events such as Memphis in May, a barbecue cooking championship, triggered Hermo’s passion for Southern cooking.  “I wanted to do something different and local,” said the long-time Montclair resident, as Hermo embarked on his ambitions to opening a restaurant.

Before being welcomed by Bluff City BBQ’s friendly staff, the customer is greeted by a savory smell you can almost taste. The smoked flavor finds its way from the kitchen to the dining area, complementing the dining experience.

Hermo enjoys being creative in the kitchen while also maintaining Memphis style BBQ. Bluff City BBQ has a variety of menu options. From ribs, pulled pork, fried chicken and seafood, Bluff City BBQ has something for everybody seeking southern comfort food. Hermo reveals a customer favorite is Bluff City BBQ’s Shrimp and Grits plate.

Bluff City BBQ’s traditional and popular pork ribs undergo classic Memphis style cooking. This unique technique means the pork rib first gets dry rubbed with a blend of specialized spices then takes about six hours to cook. The perfection of this process is enhanced by Ole Hickory smokers.

The food isn’t the only aspect that makes this restaurant unique. Bluff City BBQ’s rustic interior has a distinct charisma that comes from scraped furnishings and handmade furniture. While designing the interior, Hermo decided to decorate Bluff City BBQ in furnishings that came with a story. This eye catching interior was designed from salvaged woods and previously owned furnishings. From seating to tables and wall décor, Hermo finds great pleasure knowing his furniture pieces have a history.

It isn’t Memphis without soulful music, from artists like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, Bluff City BBQ amplifies the experience with lively music. Including blues, soul, funk and much more, your ears will enjoy the southern escape.

Visit Bluff City BBQ on 21 Midland Ave. for either lunch or dinner times; these times can be found on their website, They can also be reached at 973-744-4657.

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