Bob Weir Rocks the Wellmont

Bob Weir showed us that he’s still got it by conquering the Wellmont Theater Thursday night in Montclair, N.J.

Bob Weir rocked a sold out show at the Wellmont.

All through the night, Bob Weir made the crowd at the Wellmont go wild playing all of his classic songs from both his lengthy career with the Grateful Dead as well as his various solo projects.

Anyone who was lucky enough to see the Grateful Dead perform back in the day would be happily amused to see that although the “deadheads” may have gotten older, the scene is still the same vibrant, lighthearted gathering of like-minded individuals it had always been. Crowds gathered outside the Wellmont with their fingers in the air, indicating that they were on the hunt for a ticket.

Rock concert live
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Old friends met under the bright lights of Bloomfield Street as they happily walked towards the line to get in.  Young and old faces blended together with the excitement for great music as their bonding element.

Bob Weir walked out onto the Wellmont stage to many excited cries and applause. Wearing yoga pants and sandals matching a calm, collected look in his eyes, he looked like a true Rock n Roll star. His band started to play; he picked up a Fender Stratocaster and went into a late Grateful Dead tune called “Hell in a Bucket.” By the end of the first verse everyone knew that they were in for a great night. His band consisted of Jay Lane of Primus on drums, Steve Kimock on the guitar, Jeff Chimenti on the keys and Robin Sylvester on the electric bass, along with original Ratdog bassist Rob Wasserman on the upright bass.

After getting the crowd off to a great start, Weir played a popular Ratdog number, “Money for Gasoline,” transitioning into the anthemic crowd pleaser “Ramble on Rose.” Everyone in the crowd knew every lyric and the theater was enrapt in joyous dance. The memory of what the Grateful Dead were all about was felt by everyone in the room. Not only were they remembered because of their great music, but their fanbase is also famous for being one of the most unique and loyal ones in all of rock music. Bob Weir and Ratdog act as the lifeblood keeping this tradition alive by playing the classics and sticking to that bread and butter rock/jam sound.

After a brief intermission, Bob Weir came out sporting an acoustic guitar as he went into the song “Walking Blues.” They later went on to play other fan favorites like “He’s Gone,” “Railroad Blues” and “Sugar Magnolia.” He also performed a classic Grateful Dead live rendition of their hit “Playing in the Band” as the Wellmont crowd continued to welcome the tunes.

Bob Weir and Ratdog played a great show. Playing two long sets well into the night, the whole crowd left with smiles. The entire audience was lucky to be once more apart of the Grateful Dead experience.

Be sure to tune into the Wellmont Theater on March 14 to be part of the Pink Floyd Laser Experience!

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