Boyfriend Jeans: Feminine Fashion

Boyfriend jeans are a comfortable, flattering pant choice and can be found at the Gap on Valley Road in Upper Montclair.

Learn how to style boyfriend jeans.

boyfriend jeans
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If you don’t already own a pair of boyfriend jeans, you’ll definitely want to after reading this. Boyfriend jeans (worn loosely) are designed for women. With such a masculine name, this style, surprisingly, appears very feminine. Although they were made to look like you borrowed them from a guy, you certainly don’t need a boyfriend to rock this trend!

So, how do you wear baggy denim without drowning in your pants? There are several important steps that should be taken to get the perfect fit. First, it is essential to choose the right pair of jeans for your body. Try on different options from different stores before settling on a style. It is also beneficial to seek out distressed jeans that are a bit faded or torn. Boyfriend jeans are not meant to look brand new; they are supposed to look a little worn because it adds to the baggy effect. That being said, you don’t want to go overboard.  Jeans that are too worn can appear old and messy.

Remember, you are solely looking for women’s pants. The phrase “boyfriend jeans” may be misleading, so beware – a pair of jeans designed for a man will never fit a woman correctly! The boyfriend jean was made to flatter a woman’s body in a way that a man’s pants never could.

The cut of the jeans must also be considered. Boyfriend jeans offer both a low-waist and a high-waist version. If you carry extra weight around your middle, the high-waist will be a better fit. If you have a straight figure, go for the low-waist.  No matter the cut, the jeans should fit you perfectly around the waist and remain loose in the leg. If they’re too loose, your figure will get lost in them, so be mindful.

Styling is the trickiest part of this jeans experience. Cuffing is crucial to make your denim boyfriends flattering. Some jeans can be purchased pre-cuffed, but others you will have to cuff yourself. Simply roll them up once or twice to expose the area just above the ankle. Always pair these loose jeans with a fitted top. Pairing them with a tight top is a great contrast to the bagginess of the jeans and will create a put-together look. Finish off the outfit with a pair of heels, wedge or pump! They add the perfect feminine touch to this masculine style.

Don’t know where to start? Try the Gap at 629 Valley Road in Upper Montclair. Not only do they have several different denim options (for less!), they also carry two styles of boyfriend jeans: “Authentic Boyfriend” and “Sexy Boyfriend.” They even recommend buying a size down in their jeans for a “sexier fit” altogether.  Looks like the Gap knows what they’re talking about when it comes to mastering this style! Try it out for yourself the next time you’re in downtown Montclair.

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