Boyfriend Jeans: Feminine Fashion

Boyfriend jeans are a comfortable, flattering pant choice and can be found at the Gap on Valley Road in Upper Montclair.

Learn how to style boyfriend jeans. If you don’t already own a pair of boyfriend jeans, you’ll definitely want to after reading this. Boyfriend jeans (worn loosely) are designed for women. With such a masculine name, this style, surprisingly, appears very feminine. Although they were made to look like you borrowed them from a guy, […]

Fall Fashion Infused with Summer

Incorporate summer fashion into your fall wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Infused with Summer

Don’t put away some of your summer pieces just yet! They can be added to your fall wardrobe.   Sadly, the summer is ending and fall is right around the corner. Good things don’t last forever, they say. Soon you’ll be pulling out those knitted sweaters, cardigans, boots, jackets and blazers out of your closet […]