Burg Nanstein Castle in Germany

There are many iconic places around the great country of Germany that are tourist hotspots. Over the course of 12 days in Germany, there were a few beautiful places I was lucky enough to visit - and some I just had to share.

There are many iconic places around the great country of Germany that are tourist hotspots, starting off with Burg Nanstein Castle.

Burg Nanstein Castle
Photo courtesy of Catherine Baxter.

I planned on visiting Germany for quite some time. My sister had moved there a few years ago after her husband was stationed there as part of the Air Force. After giving birth to my first nephew, I just knew I had to go out. After months of saving, I was finally able to purchase a ticket and started by 10-hour travel.

One of the things I wanted to do most was visit a castle. I had been to England and France in the past, and my favorite parts of those trips were seeing the medieval castles that seem to dominate all of Europe. Luckily, the base my sister and brother-in-law are stationed on is roughly a 25-minute drive from the Burg Nanstein Castle.

This castle is located in Kaiserslautern. During World War II, it was estimated that over 60 percent of the town was bombed, bombarded and seized. It is believed that during these sieges, Nanstein Castle was also damaged, explaining the very broken appearance that it now has today.

Although places of the castle are in shambles, it was still an awesome experience. Guests are able to park in a small lot down a little road from the castle. Walking up, we were welcomed by a gorgeous view of the surrounding area, shown off of a cliff that overlooks hundreds of buildings.

Burg Nanstein Castle
Photo courtesy of Catherine Baxter.

Of course, next to this view was a small restaurant where tourists are able to grab a donur or bratwurst before heading inside.

A small set of stairs led to the inside of Nanstein Castle, which immediately opened up into the large space of the castle. Although it certainly was not the more immaculate castle in Germany, this castle absolutely had many places to explore. It was filled with winding staircases going in every direction. Some towers led to beautiful views of the surrounding landscapes. Other staircases led down into various areas throughout the castle, possibly old dungeons or cellars.

However, there was something peculiar about this castle. When entering the center of Nanstein, there is a large area, probably once used as a courtyard or gathering places. Today, it has been converted into a giant stage.

Burg Nanstein Castle
Photo courtesy of Catherine Baxter.

There were hundreds of seats inside, all facing a small stage that was part of the castle itself. It was a bittersweet experience; it was a bit sad to see some of the modernization that was brought into the castle, but it also gave the stage and area a great, rustic appearance. One can only imagine the plays and shows that are put on today in this beautiful scene (and amazing performers, as we were able to peak into a performance).

My personal favorite thing about visiting Nanstein Castle was the simple ambiance that was all around. It was such a thrilling experience just thinking about the things that had occurred, right where I was standing.

Burg Nanstein Castle was a gorgeous piece of history, one that I recommend other travelers to go and visit. It is one of the many stops along Castle Road, a stretch of road over 600 miles long, donned with hundreds and hundreds of castles for travelers to explore. These places are an excellent, panoramic glimpse into the history of whatever country you may be visiting.

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