Trier of Germany

Trier was my last stop on my trip around Germany, and here we found some of the most ancient and beautiful places to visit.

Trier offers ancient beauty. My family’s last stop on our small tour of Germany was Trier. My parents had previously visited the town and wanted to take me for our own special day. This town is probably one of the most beautiful places in Europe I’ve been to. We stumbled across a gorgeous, hidden cathedral […]

Luisenpark of Deutschland

Luisenpark was a great stop in Mannheim and has something to entertain everyone of all ages in the family! Book with Broad Vistas Travel for your vacation.

Luisenpark starts family traditions. In my previous article, I spoke all about the wonders of the town of Mannheim in Germany on my family’s vacation. However, the real wonder that was waiting for us was found in Luisenpark, which is also found in Mannheim, this park has something for people of all ages, from children […]

Mannheim of Deutschland

Mannheim was stop number one on my family's vacation in Germany, and there were so many interesting things to see in do in this great town!

Mannheim offers something for everyone. After a long and cramped flight, visiting my boyfriend for three days in a German hospital and just trying to understand despite the language barrier, it was finally time to enjoy the vacation my family and I took to Germany. The things we stumbled upon were some of the most […]

Rhine River, host to the Heidelberg Castle

Even when things do not work out the way you planned them, you might find a beautiful alternative.

Rhine River, host to the Heidelberg Castle

River tours of the beautiful Rhine River. One stop that I was looking forward to the entire trip was visiting Heidelberg, located along the Rhine River and host to the beautiful Heidelberg Castle. However, upon driving around the city, it was extremely difficult to navigate towards the castle itself. A few kind locals tried to […]

Burg Nanstein Castle in Germany

There are many iconic places around the great country of Germany that are tourist hotspots. Over the course of 12 days in Germany, there were a few beautiful places I was lucky enough to visit - and some I just had to share.

Burg Nanstein Castle in Germany

There are many iconic places around the great country of Germany that are tourist hotspots, starting off with Burg Nanstein Castle. I planned on visiting Germany for quite some time. My sister had moved there a few years ago after her husband was stationed there as part of the Air Force. After giving birth to […]