Luisenpark of Deutschland

Luisenpark was a great stop in Mannheim and has something to entertain everyone of all ages in the family! Book with Broad Vistas Travel for your vacation.

Luisenpark starts family traditions.

Photo courtesy of Catherine Baxter.

In my previous article, I spoke all about the wonders of the town of Mannheim in Germany on my family’s vacation. However, the real wonder that was waiting for us was found in Luisenpark, which is also found in Mannheim, this park has something for people of all ages, from children to adults.

The first thing to know about Luisenpark is that there are two sides: the free side and the side with a fee. The free side of the park is nothing too special, but it has a few criquet fields and pathways. However, you’ll definitely want to pay the small Euro-fee to enter the other side of the park.

Children want to play on playgrounds? Check. Adults want to take a cruise along the river or look in the sky tower? Check. Anyone want to see some flamingos or penguins? Check and check! Luisenpark has so many things to do that it’s difficult to spend just one day there.

Take the winding path after the entrance and you will come across so many things to do. The first thing we came across was a playground, seen in the above picture. With a cute, little-castle theme, this is perfect for any prince or princess to run around and pretend they are running their own kingdom. However, one thing that people of all ages can enjoy is simply how this playground is built with stoned pillars. Actual stone bricks make up these towers, leading to great slides, swings and see-saws. This is no pretend castle to play in, this is the real deal!

Photo courtesy of Catherine Baxter.

Keep walking and towards the center of the park, you are able to take little gondola rides. For another few Euros, up to about nine people can fit in a boat set on an automated track that winds around a pond that floats through nearly the entire park. This would be a great idea to do when you first get there so you can get a view of what the entire park has to offer, without having to walk around in circles.

Even if boats aren’t for you, there are still ways to see everything in Luisenpark! Another small fee will get you into the sky tower. It goes up almost 100 floors in an elevator, allowing you to see the entire town. The most interesting part about the sky tower is that as you walk around and look out the window, there are little descriptions of what you are seeing. This part of the trip was definitely the best for anyone who enjoys knowing the history of the places around him or her.

After a round on the boats and running around the playground, gather up the kids and find some animals! Luisenpark is also a mini-zoo of sorts and is home to many animals. From penguins to storks, cows to flamingos, there are many different species the kids can see just while roaming about the park.

Photo courtesy of Catherine Baxter.

My personal favorite part of Luisenpark is when I stumbled upon the Pacifier Tree (pictured left), another great thing if you’re traveling with kids. I came across this tree while I was waiting for my sister, and since the sign was in German I was quite confused why so many pacifiers were hanging from strings in a tree. When I got back to wi-fi later that day, I discovered that it was a Pacifier Tree, something that’s actually common in many locations. When a child is ready to give up their pacifier, they can donate it to the Pacifier Tree and then the Pacifier Fairy will give them a special treat. This makes giving up their pacifier much easier for children, and parents usually make it a day-long affair full of playing in the park and special treats! This special tree makes it almost a right-of-passage for the babies.

Luisenpark was definitely one of the most interesting visits we had in Mannheim, and it’s definitely something I recommend checking out – especially if you have children! Pay a few small fees and be open to an entire day of fun with the family.

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