C.C. Sullivan Counts Communication As Key

C.C. Sullivan Strategic Communications LLC specializes in public relations, media relations and content while offering branding and full marketing services.

C.C. Sullivan offers multiple communication services!

C.C. Sullivan
Photo courtesy of C.C. Sullivan

C.C. Sullivan was established in 2005 by Chris Sullivan and offers a variety of communications services. They focus on marketing for architecture, the arts, construction, building products and cycling. Sullivan has had many prior experiences that assisted in the preparation of his career. He was employed at architecture firms located in New York City and Madrid, Spain before C.C. Sullivan. This educated him on the difference between a small shop and a large company in the United States.

During his time in Spain, Sullivan initiated his career by writing for top magazines about architecture in Japan, the U.K. and the United States. He explained, “This led to the next phase of my career, as an editor of business magazines.”  After moving to Montclair in 2003, he found an admiration for racing bicycles. Sullivan discussed, “This background of engagement has helped C.C. Sullivan earn real credibility and a strong media contact network for PR, a field where credibility is essential.” He found that the primary source of his motivation was the ability to work for himself in a small company. Sullivan said, “This helped give me some piece of mind, and the ability to fashion a lifestyle around work, family and personal interests.”

C.C. Sullivan recognizes what it takes to succeed with content. As Sullivan described, “We understand how to create great content like news articles, photos, videos, position papers and even in-person events.”  The team consists of dedicated members, who are very passionate and active in the community. Sullivan specified, “Real involvement and great content are essential today, in a world where the media constantly need new, authentic and valuable content and where content is essential to getting your brand message out to the world.”

Sullivan advises to people interested in this profession to write and spread your ideas and words to the public. He explained, “Try to get your ideas and words published in blogs, news outlets, and even books.” He further acknowledged the importance of networking and staying active after work. Lastly, he emphasized that the ability to distinguish between impractical and legitimate journalism is crucial.

Sullivan is eager and optimistic about the future of C.C. Sullivan. He stated, “The world is full of people, companies and brands that need help explaining what they do, and why it matters. That’s how C.C. Sullivan fits in.”  For more information, visit C.C. Sullivan at 7 Park Street, Second Floor, Montclair, NJ 07042.

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