Cherry Blossom Season in NJ

Cherry blossom season is in full swing in Essex County. As usual, the annual Cherry Blossom Festival brought people from all over to adore its true beauty.

Cherry Blossom festival fun.

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Essex County has officially started to bud vibrant colors; trees are flourishing, the grass is getting greener and we’re cleaning out our closets! Spring is in full swing and with that comes one of many beautiful trees, the cherry blossom. Newark, N.J. has one of the largest cherry blossom parks in the country, thus the blooming buds of pink and white were a spectacle to see at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

The scenic festival featured an orchestra and dozens of fun activities. From the variety of food offered to the small market and the fresh flowers, tons of things were vying for our eyes attention. The Cherry Blossom Festival takes place every April and although this years’ cherry blossom festival has passed, the peak of full bloom is this week, so you still have time to walk under the lively pink and white cherry blossom trees. If you’re in luck, you just may get a glimpse of a bride being photographed under a cherry blossom tree – the sight is breath taking!

Another lovely outdoors attraction is the Presby Iris Gardens. Closer to home, the Iris Gardens are located in the heart of Upper Montclair, just a few blocks from Montclair State University. Interested in getting involved within the community? The Presby Iris Gardens are always looking for volunteers. You’ll be able to work closely with nature while the wonderful Iris Gardens employees teach you especially how to care for and raise Irises. Anyone looking to reconnect with the old outdoors or to simply escape reality for a bit, consider the Iris Gardens your safe havens.

After a long days work of gardening or blushing at cherry blossoms, you’re sure to work up an appetite! Plus, there are still (unfortunately) bound to be rainy days here and there. Downtown Montclair is packed with restaurants and unique shops fit for all individuals. Church St. is home to cuisines ranging from Cuban, Moroccan and Chinese as well as your juicy American burgers or Italian fine dining. Around town you’ll find juice bars, barbeque and organic café’s. There are also many antique shops that offer fine vintage and collector’s items. Trinkets from all eras are hidden within the shops, so take a peek inside.

Treasures are lined throughout Montclair, whether they are flowers dancing in the warm breeze, exquisite chefs and candlelit dinners, or a gem of the past – the town is an expert in providing a blissful experience.

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