Chocolate Works combines Creativity and Candy

Chocolate Works has become a beloved place for children to go because of the fun environment and tasty sweets.

Sweets from Chocolate Works!

chocolate works
Photo courtesy of Joe Michalitsianos.

For most chocolate and candy shops, the breadth of quality is generally measured by the chocolate and candy available. Not for Montclair’s Chocolate Works. Chocolate Works takes being a candy store to a new level, mixing delicious sweets with fun participation. Of course, Chocolate Works has a wide and bountiful array of sweets to choose from, if what you’re looking for is a place to pick out a satisfaction for a yearning sweet tooth. Chocolate Works certainly delivers in this sense, but it is the level of interaction provided that is what really makes it special. Located at 42 South Park St., Chocolate Works is becoming a more and more popular location for children to have their birthday parties.

Diana Bowman, who has recently moved from New York City to Montclair with her two children Zak and Daniel, said that Chocolate Works was responsible for her kids making friends. “There’s no better place for a kid to have a party, really,” said Bowman. “Since it’s basically a chocolate factory, no kids that go are unhappy. Zak was so shy at his new school, but after being invited to a party at Chocolate Works, he was able to express himself and make friends in an atmosphere that was comfortable to everyone there. Not to mention the creativity that goes on there! I think it’s wonderful.”

Bowman said that her experience chaperoning her son to a party there has made her want to have her own sons’ birthdays there. This sentiment has been expressed throughout Montclair, as it has seen increasing popularity over the last couple of years. The fact that the party room can host up to 40 people means that it is able to accommodate a party of nearly any size. The party activities are great for anyone, including “chocolate making and decorating activity, a trip on our chocolate car wash, pizza snack, paper goods and games/activities where the children can win prizes. You are welcome to bring a cake and we offer many extras and add ons.”

The creativity that is encouraged at Chocolate Works is what has made it so attractive for parents. No parent wants to let their kid run wildly in a chocolate store. But when a level of creativity is introduced, not only do the parents encourage it, but the focus for the children is taken away from candy consumption and is instead on creating. The decorative candies and chocolates that are created during a birthday party are marvelous.

To find out more about Chocolate Works’ parties and other services, you can call them at 973-744-3344 or send an email at

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